DEED Roundup -- July 15, 2013


          DEED Roundup - July 15, 2013


2012 a Successful Year for Minnesota Small Businesses

DEED's Small Business Development Center's  annual report for 2012 highlights that success: More than 3,000 businesses served, 8,000 jobs created and access to $125 million in new capital for businesses.

DEED in the News

Minnesota Winning Border Battle
Rochester Post Bulletin-07/05/13
When Gov. Scott Walker declared Wisconsin "open for business" and promised to bring 250,000 new jobs to Wisconsin by the end of 2014, many were concerned that his low-tax policies would lure jobs to Wisconsin at the expense of Minnesota.

Project Gets State Clean-up Grant
Mankato Free Press-07/11/13
The state of Minnesota, already in for $2.2 million, added nearly $1 million more for the South Front Street redevelopment project Wednesday.  

Did You Know?

Minneapolis Top Biking City, Based on Facebook Activity

Bike rider

Recent Press Releases

Exports Post 10th Straight Quarterly Record

 Minnesota exports of agricultural, mining and manufactured products reached $4.9 billion in the first quarter of 2013, the state’s 10th consecutive quarter of record export growth, according to DEED.

Cleanup of Six Contaminated Project Sites
DEED awarded $2.9 million in grants to investigate or clean up contamination on six sites in Mankato, Moorhead and Minneapolis.

Recent Blog Posts

Vets Best for Starting New Businesses

Veteran saluting flag

Veterans tend to be the best candidates for starting new businesses, says Mike Ryan, director, Minnesota Small Business Development Center at University of St. Thomas. “They‘re disciplined, they understand technology, and they know how to get the job done.” 

Life After Ford
The Twin Cities Ford Plant was an institution in St. Paul for more than 80 years. To find out what happened to the 2,000 workers who lost their jobs, DEED examined data sources and wrote about what they found.