Wildlife update: coyotes

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Coyote sightings and what you can do to prevent conflicts


  • Coyotes can be found everywhere – forests, fields, farmlands, backyards, neighborhoods and cities.
  • Coyotes may be more visible during breeding season (January through March) and when they are caring for their pups during the spring and summer months.
  • Coyotes have learned to survive in urban landscapes throughout Michigan.
  • Coyotes can become comfortable living near people, particularly if there are food sources available.
  • Smaller mammals, like mice and rabbits, are a coyote’s main source of food. 
  • People play a role in reducing potential conflicts with wildlife.

Help prevent conflicts:

  • Remove potential attractants such as trash bins, bird feeders and pet food.
  • NEVER intentionally feed or try to tame coyotes. 
  • Fence off gardens and fruit trees.
  • Clear out wood and brush piles.
  • Accompany pets outdoors, and do not allow them to roam free. 
  • Take advantage of a coyote’s natural fear of humans and scare them off if you see them.

Hunting and removal options:

  • Coyote hunting is open year-round, and Michigan residents need a valid base license to hunt for them. See the current-year Hunting and Trapping Digest for coyote hunting and trapping regulations. 
  • On private property where coyotes are doing or about to do damage, a property owner or designee can take coyotes year-round; a license or written permit is not needed.
  • A permitted nuisance control business can assist in the safe removal of problem animals in urban or residential areas.

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