Montgomery County MD's Caregiver eNewsletter - October 2020 edition

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MoCo Caregiver Support Program

Montgomery County MD Caregiver Support Program eNewsletter

October, 2020

Active Aging

Montgomery County is excited to celebrate International Active Aging Week (AAW)! Residents 50+ are invited to follow County Cable where they will present unique fitness activities including Zumba Toning, Laughter Yoga and TaijiFit from the grounds of beautiful Brookside Gardens! Doctors from “Walk with a Doc” will facilitate an online discussion and encourage you to celebrate Walk Maryland Day!

The complete schedule of activities will be posted prior to the event.

*Pre-Recorded Content. No in-person gathering*

Participate in the event online by visiting The event will be aired on Comcast/RCN 6 HD 996/1056 Verizon 30 – Visit the webpage or check your local listings for final showtimes.

Also, explore more FREE activities offered by agencies throughout the county by viewing the calendar on

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Caregiver Support Groups

Caregiver Support Groups

Each month the County's Caregiver Blog features an array of caregiver support groups and we are very pleased to hear from our readers how valuable they find these listings. If you know of any other support groups that you have found useful and are currently operating, please do EMAIL us the details.

Our Caregiver Blog includes groups hosted by the: Alzheimer's Association, Holy Cross Caregiver Resource Center, Parkinson's Association, Primary Care Coalition, Caring Matters, Hope Connections, NAMI MC, JSSA, Pain Connection, Lighthouse for the Blind, and much more.

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Caregiver Special Events

Caregiver Special Events

Fall is offering a terrific selection of special events. This month we are thrilled by the range of programs that are on offer in our region. Take the time to explore activities through: The Smithsonian, National Gallery of Art, Gilchrist Immigrant Resource Center, Primary Care Coalition, the County's Active Wellness Week, Holy Cross Health, Beacon Newspaper and their upcoming virtual 50+ Expo, Kensington Park Senior Living "Music Therapy", North Bethesda Villages "Who Takes Care of the Caregiver" seminar, and many more.



NOVEMBER is National Caregiver Month and to honor local family/friend caregivers the County's Caregiver program is planning a series of informative virtual interviews, featuring  Montgomery County's public-private partners who are providers of helpful support for local caregivers. All events are free and can be view 24/7 on our Engage@HOME YouTube channel.

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Telephone and Online Programs

virtual classes

Do you have a working Computer, Tablet, Smart phone, ipad etc. and access to the internet? Would you like to better utilize online supports, resources and community activities?

The County's Covid Corp IT Help Team is available over the phone to help you overcome minor tech issues so you can feel more comfortable engaging with trusted County and our partner online activities.

About Senior Planet Covid Corps Members
Covid Corps members are high school juniors to college sophomores working for Montgomery County to make a difference this summer.

What Tech Support Can Be Provided?
Senior Planet Covid Corps members can help residents with questions or problems with smart phones, computers, tablets, printers, email, using the Internet or an application, and more. They can assist in finding MC Public Library, Recreation, and Senior Planet classes and other virtual programming. Covid Corps members can also help low income persons sign up for $9.95 per month home Internet access.

Telephone Appointments

30-minute appointments are available Monday through Friday at 10am, 10:45am, 11:15am, 1pm, 1:45pm, and 2:30pm in English, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Amharic, Farsi, Hindi, Nepali, Russian, Tigrinya, Krio, and ASL (by Internet video).

Call Montgomery County's Aging and Disability Services and ask about the County's Covid Corp IT Help. One of our staff can sign can you up.
240-777-3000 or 311.
As always the County's Caregiver Blog features a array of Telephone and Online programs.

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Caregiving 101

Life Long Learning

Are you new to being a caregiver or would you appreciate some additional support and resources so you can maintain your well-being while providing your loved one with care.

There are many resources available in Montgomery County that are waiting for you. There are professionals trained and skilled to help caregivers navigate the complexities of government applications, sorting out finances, plus keeping your mind, body and soul together. Our Caregiver Blog is the perfect place to start exploring local supports. these include:

  • The County's Aging and Disability Services and Caregiver Support Program
  • Holy Cross Caregiver Resource Center 
  • AARP's extensive online caregiver resources
  • Lifelong Learning programs including: Live and Learn Bethesda, Oasis and        Montgomery County, plus our national partners: WellMed and Covia.

Caregiving can be a full time commitment irrespective of your other responsibilities. We always say "care for others - care for yourself" - this motto isn't complicated and the Caregiver Blog helps caregivers discover that supports are just around the corner.

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The County's Caregiver Podcasts are an enjoyable way to hear about local supports and resources - on your timetable. Whether driving, exercising or relaxing in your favorite chair - these podcasts feature short interviews with the experts.

This month we feature three interviews:

Podcast Episode #27 is with Sydney Palinkas with the Charles E Smith's Elder Safe Center

Podcast Episode #28 is with Stuart Rosenthal, publisher and editor of the Beacon Newspapers

Plus click here for the bonus episode: an interview with Odile Brunetto the County's chief of Aging and Disability Services 

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