Bank On Louisville e-news | October 2013

Bank On Louisville e-news

BANK ON LOUISVILLE is a comprehensive network of community partners focused on serving the unbanked and underbanked by increasing access to mainstream financial services, products and tools and financial education resources in order to decrease their reliance on expensive, alternative services and increase financial stability.

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Appointments available at the Financial Empowerment Center

Free, confidential, one-on-one counseling appointments with the Legal Aid Society, Apprisen, and the Louisville Urban League are available throughout October. Referrals are welcome. Click here for a full schedule. Call 574.5191 to make an appointment or get more information.

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Updates from the Executive Committee

This month, we want to recognize four outstanding financial education partners: Apprisen, the Center for Women and Families, Fifth Third Bank, and the Louisville Urban League. Together, in 2013 these partners provided over 80% of the financial education offered as part of Bank On Louisville's Financial Empowerment Provider Network.

We are proud to have these four agencies as a vital part of our Financial Empowerment Provider Network, and they will be key to the expansion of the Network this year. Bank On Louisville is working to bring together this Network to facilitate a streamlined system of referrals and high quality financial education and empowerment opportunities. Additionally, Bank On Louisville wants to collect community data to show how financial education providers are making a difference in our city.

Is your agency interested in joining the Financial Empowerment Provider Network? There are many benefits to membership, including promotion of your events in BOL's community calendar, staff continuing education opportunities, and partnership opportunities through networking. Plus, your participation demonstrates your agency's collaborations and gives you access to aggregate data that is valuable to grant applications.

To join the FEPN or find out more, contact us.

Staff training available through Legal Aid Society

Case workers and agency staff are invited to attend a series of trainings with the Legal Aid Society of Louisville. The purpose of these trainings is to educate frontline staff on how to identify and talk about clients' legal issues and then make appropriate referrals to address them.

The next training is about bankruptcy and will take place on October 16, 3pm-4pm in the Air Pollution Control District Board Room at 850 Barret Ave.

Click here to register.


Getting the unbanked insured 

Are you or your clients preparing to purchase health insurance through Kentucky's health benefits marketplace, kynect?

We know that about 32% of Kentuckians are uninsured, while at the same time one-third of residents have no checking or savings account. The vast majority of insurance companies require individuals to pay their monthly premiums via automatic withdrawal from a checking account. This means if that those who fall into both categories -- uninsured and unbanked -- may not be able to access health insurance through the kynect exchange. 

In an effort to address this challenge, the Department of Health and Human Services released proposed rules that would require insurers to accept a menu of payment options, including paper checks, cashier's checks, money orders, and prepaid debit cards.

In the meantime, contact Bank On Louisville and we will make sure those who need a checking account to be ready for the changes in healthcare, are able to access one.

To find out about who qualifies for income-based payment assistance or tax credits, click here for a subsidy calculator.

Small business owners can click here to find out what kind of tax credits they may qualify for to offset the costs of providing healthcare to their employees.