Urgent Notice of Paving on Frankfort Avenue

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June 7, 2013

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Urgent Notice of Paving on Frankfort Avenue

You may have seen the article in The Courier-Journal this morning with information about paving on Frankfort Avenue this weekend.  I reached out to the KY Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) about the lack of prior public notice, and below is the email that I received from Andrea Clifford with KYTC.  I think everyone agrees Frankfort Avenue needs paving and its being paved will enhance the success of the businesses. However, it’s the lack of time businesses have had prepare for the work and to alert customers to parking changes with their own signage and through email that was a concern. If you have questions about the Frankfort Avenue paving work, the contact information for KYTC is below.  You can find their press release about the project here.

From: Clifford, Andrea (KYTC-D05) [mailto:Andrea.Clifford@ky.gov]
Sent: Friday, June 07, 2013 01:20 PM
To: Ward-Pugh, Tina
Cc: Ethridge, Kyle; Holmes, Katie S
Subject: RE: Lane closures on Frankfort Avenue in Jefferson County

Ms. Ward-Pugh,  

I was just notified yesterday that the contractor would begin work this weekend.  I send the information out to the media and your office.  We also post it on our website and Facebook.  The Contractor, on his own, began handing out fliers to property owners and businesses yesterday about this work and there have been roadwork signs in place for a couple weeks.  

One decision the project engineer and contractor made last night was that we will mill Chenoweth to Bayly this weekend and then next weekend we will do Bayly to Mellwood. The entire 2.5 miles is too much to get done comfortably in a weekend.  

Additionally, we have agreed with the Contractor, that on the weekends when he mills, he will not work in the “restaurant” areas until past 11:59pm on Friday when he does do the work, which is next weekend. Once a side (all of westbound or eastbound) is complete, they will remove the parking signs and return the parking to useful status until early Monday. The problem is, the parking signs state “No Parking Anytime”, so during the week, we will have to post them in an area the night before we pave that area the next day and then remove them when we are done. I am sorry to say, but for a couple days, on street parking will be restricted in certain areas, but we plan to keep it limited to one side of the road at a time.

We are doing everything we can to restrict the work and not impact everyone out there as much as possible. The plan in place is the best we can provide, as it restricts the milling to one major operation on the weekend, which avoids downtown work traffic and TARC, while keeping the project duration to a minimum.

Andrea S. Clifford
Public Information Officer
Department of Highways - District 5 Louisville
8310 Westport Road
Louisville, KY  40242
502-210-5498 (fax)