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February is the month for love, and Valentine’s Day reminds us to celebrate matters of the heart. With the Bicentennial looming, we should all reflect on what tugs at our heartstrings about Indiana – natural beauty, economic opportunity, family roots or Hoosier hospitality. Send us your Indiana love story, and we just might publish it in our next issue!

This month we also celebrate the beauty of diversity as we recognize Black History Month. In this issue we highlight the Leora Brown School and Maxine Brown, who keeps this amazing story alive. Let us celebrate the myriad accomplishments of so many groups that make Indiana what it is today. Check our social media as we highlight all things Hoosier!

Although not Punxutawney Phil, we took bicentennial intern Sam Alderfer outside on February 2 for a weather update. Sadly, he saw no shadow and returned to his desk. We are now preparing for six more weeks of winter. Hurry spring, I am ready for a little hint of green!


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Ariana Smith is a native Hoosier, born in Grant County. Smith currently lives in Indianapolis while attending Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Smith joined the Indiana Bicentennial Commission in January as a marketing and communications intern, along with Sam Alderfer.

 “By using my experience in earned and social media I hope to share the important message of the Bicentennial with Hoosiers across the state,” said Smith. “I’m excited for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

 Smith serves on IUPUI’s chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America as the director of communications and creative design. Smith is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a concentration in public relations. She has minors in sociology and professional and public writing. Smith has an expected graduation date of May 2015.

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Leora Brown School
Leora Brown School

There are many monuments and landmarks around the country in remembrance of the hard work and dedication of African Americans as they have progressed since the days of slavery. In Southern Indiana, Harrison County has its very own piece of black history.

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Bicentennial Biography Project
Mary Graham and Ann Newsom

Seniors have a lifetime of amazing stories and insights to share. Boone County decided to celebrate those stories, along with the bicentennial, by starting the Bicentennial Biography Project. The project was endorsed as a Bicentennial Legacy Project at the IBC January 27. 2015 meeting.

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Think Lincoln Inc.
Lincoln Impersonators


Along with Indiana statehood, 1816 marks the year Abraham Lincoln’s family moved to the Hoosier State. To celebrate the 200th anniversary of this occasion, Think Lincoln Inc. in April is hosting the 2016 Abraham Lincoln Presenters Association Conference.

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