ISL Volunteer Quarterly: April 2014

ISL Volunteer Quarterly

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Volunteer Quarterly

April 2014



Indiana Historic Digital Newspapers Project

Position Title: Data Correction Specialist

Date & Time: Long-term position. Volunteer on-site or virtually from your home computer.

Position Summary: The State Library is creating an online database of digital images of historic newspapers from our own collection and those of cultural heritage organizations around the state. Each digital page image has a computer generated transcription. Transcriptions need to be edited to provide for better keyword searching for users. Volunteers will register through the online access software and will be able to select the newspaper title and page that they would like to edit. An image of the newspaper page will appear beside the text box. Edits will be made directly in the text box on screen.

Major Responsibilities: Data transcription

Qualifications: Ability to follow directions, work independently, attention to detail, responsible, and accurate typing.

Project Completion Date: Ongoing


Interested in Volunteering? Contact Us!

Volunteer Services
Dana Bohr, Coordinator
Indiana State Library
315 West Ohio Street
Indianapolis, In 46202
Phone: (317) 232-3689

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If you are interested in volunteering, visit the State Library's volunteer webpage for a listing of current opportunities.


Volunteers Honored at 2014 Appreciation Ceremony

On Friday April 4, 2014 the Indiana State Library held a luncheon for our Volunteers.   The volunteers were treated to a marvelous banquet including three types of sandwiches, chicken salad, smoked turkey, and veggie, all on lovely homemade breads, plus a scrumptious cake provided by Illinois Street Food Emporium. A lovely punch was provided by Connie Rendfeld using her own personal recipe.  We had volunteers there that work on projects in a variety of departments, including Talking Books, Indiana Voices, Manuscripts, Indiana Memory, Newspapers, Genealogy, and Government Documents, as well as representatives of the Indiana State Library Foundation and Indiana Library & Historical Board, who are also volunteers. 

During the event the volunteer supervisors spoke on how invaluable the volunteers are to the projects they are working on and gave their volunteers tote bags provided by the Indiana State Library Foundation.

Please, check out the volunteer opportunity listed below as well as the ones on our website for both on-site and virtual volunteer positions. We’d love to see you at next year’s celebration!

Nancy Johnson

Nancy Johnson Named "Volunteer of the Year"

One of the highlights of the luncheon was when the Volunteer of the Year Award was awarded to Nancy Johnson for her work in 2013. She worked over 250 hours during 2013, the most among State Library volunteers.

Nancy volunteered in the Rare Books Manuscripts & Collection for several years. Currently, she works exclusively on transcribing mid to late 19th and early 20th century manuscripts, including correspondence from the John Tipton collection (L160) and the Noah Noble collection (L118).  As special collections material continues to be digitized for Indiana Memory, Nancy’s transcriptions will provide full-text searching capabilities within the existing Tipton collection and future digital collections.

The Volunteer of the Year plaque is found on the 1st floor of the State Library on the wall leading into the Exhibit Hall.


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