Idaho Refugee Update and Meeting Information

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Idaho State Legislture

November 16, 2015YEAR

Rep. Heather Scott - District 1

 To the Concerned Citizens of Idaho:

Recent dangerous events have overtaken parts of the world far away from us and are suddenly on our door step in Idaho: I’m talking about the impending influx of thousands of Muslim refugees. How do we demonstrate compassion to legitimate refugees who are escaping persecution, and at the same time work to protect our communities and national security from the Islamic agenda of domination and takeover?


It is important to keep in mind that Islamic immigration is different from non-Muslim immigration. Islam has a specific doctrine on migration called Al-Hijra. It teaches that Muslims are to migrate in groups to other countries as part of waging jihad. They segregate themselves into communities and grow until they are large enough to start demanding their “rights" and specifically Shari'ah law. As they also traditionally have more children than Westerners, their communities grow much faster, altering and then overtaking the character and culture of those communities.


This has been happening in Europe for some time and is now happening in America. Under the guise of compassion our current administration is dumping thousands of Islamic refugee’s across190 communities.  in what can clearly be called an intentional invasion of our country.  There is a clear agenda to change these communities from within.


Along with many local, state, and federal representatives I believe this administration, in conjunction with the United Nations, is deliberately flooding America with Islamic refugees while paying lip service to states’ resources and national security.  Let’s not forget that the largest voting bloc in the United Nations is the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which actually has a hand in the selection of the refugees.

Governor Otter has taken a positive step in the right direction with his November 16, 2015, news release, but his  language lacks the strong, unequivocal approach expressed by other states exercising their state sovereignty in the crisis situation we may face.     

(Link to letter-


What can YOU do?

1.Educate yourself on the facts so you can educate your elected officials and others in your community. See the links below for information.

2.Call Governor Otter’s Office 208-334-2100 and:

       a.Urge him to call a special session to draft emergency legislation to address the refugee crises.

       b.Instruct him to fulfill his duty under Article IV, Section 4, to insure the safety of Idaho citizens should terrorist activity occur.

       c.Instruct him to draft another letter to President Obama with stronger language similar to other states who have exercised their state sovereignty.

       d.Instruct him to request a detailed report of anyone claiming refugee status in the State, to be approved by the State of Idaho before an individual is admitted. 

 3.Remain eternally vigilant.


Links to information and meetings

Refugee resettlement Information:

Local (Idaho):



Upcoming meetings concerning refugee resettlement:

· South Idaho- Ada County Courthouse

Tuesday, November 17thfrom 1:30-3:00 pm. 200 W Front Street, Boise

Hosted by Idaho Office for Refugees, Boise’s refugee resettlement agencies, and many other local and state organizations. From their website… “Join the in building of community of support for transitioning refugees. Community Coordination Meetings occur quarterly and give all community members the opportunity to learn more about what’s going on with refugees in Boise.” In August the Idaho Office for Refugees and its three affiliate agencies announced that 700 new refugees would arrive in Boise by Dec 31. This does not include the 2nd wave of all the refugee’s relatives.

· North Idaho: Sandpoint Community Hall

 Tuesday, November 17th from 10:00-11:30 am 204 S. First Ave Sandpoint

Refugee Resettlement and & the Trojan Horse of Islamic Migration. -Al Hijra & Unveiling the True Face of Islam. Pastor Shahram Hadian will discuss the Refugee Resettlement program (especially in Idaho), the Muslim refugee agenda, and how it relates to Islam's ultimate goals. This event is hosted by the Bonner County Republican Women. Come early as space is limited.!/events/1728216770740090/?action_history=null


Representative Heather Scott District 1A                    208-920-3120