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February 2015

Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites

> IN THIS ISSUE: More volunteer projects, hosting opportunities, new volunteer hour tracking, & Fort Yargo Master Plan


More choices than ever!

Parks have been posting more and more volunteer projects. There are some really unique opportunities out there.  Take a look at the Volunteer Calendar of Events for a project near you.  Spend the morning on a project, have a picnic lunch, and spend the afternoon enjoying park recreation and relaxation!


Hosting Opportunities

There are lots of openings for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2015 for Hosting! Visit the timeline and put in your requests.


Make a campground or golf course your next temporary home!

New Volunteer Hour Tracking System



Beginning December 2014, we switched over to OurVolts for hour tracking

Enter your own hours, see your timesheets. See where you are on the path to incentives.

This is the new volunteer recording platform for Georgia State Parks.  You will have access to see your hours logged to keep track of your history in our system.  We will be inputting your past hours over the next couple of months. Please be patient in that process. Only log your hours going forward, don't log hours from the past.

*If you are a couple that volunteers together, please just record your hours as a couple. You will reach your incentive levels faster that way!

*If you don't have an account, go ahead and Sign up then log your hours and it will be reviewed and approved accordingly.

See your hours logged.

Incentive Levels

-Lifetime Achievement Award - Camping Pass, Annual ParkPass & 5000 hour Pin (5000 hours)

-Platinum Level - Camping Pass & 3000 hour Pin (3000 hours)

-Gold Level - Camping Pass (2000 hours)

-Silver Level - Camping Pass & 1000 hour Pin (1000 hours)

-Bronze Level - Annual ParkPass (500 hours)

*Please don't ask for us to exchange the awards, they are posted and provided per this chart. Incentives are mailed out once per month. Please be patient while your single, statewide, one-person volunteer management team works through these!

Fort Yargo State Park Master Plan


Two Hats

For those of you who have tried to reach me since October, you must have noticed that my availability has been limited. In addition to managing the volunteer program for the state, I have also been tasked with being the Project Manager for Fort Yargo State Park Master Plan. I am essentially wearing two very distinct hats. I appreciate your understanding of my slower response time over the next 8 months.

What is a Master Plan?

The Master Plan is a comprehensive plan incorporating market trends, current business and financial data, recreational, interpretation, natural resource data, public feedback and more. From that data, with the guidance of DNR leadership, the local community, and stakeholders we will be developing a 20 year growth and renovation plan for a park. This is a in-depth analysis of how the park is currently functioning and will incorporate creative thinking to determine what the next steps should be. The Master Plan will be developed with the following Vision, Goal and Guiding Principles in mind. 

The vision of Fort Yargo State Park

To be a fully sustainable signature park of the Georgia State Parks system that protects and promotes the site’s diverse and rich natural, cultural and recreational assets and is inviting and engaging to all citizens through a variety of recreational and environmental education opportunities.

The Goal of the Fort Yargo State Park Master Plan

To create the highest level of financial sustainability and cost recovery while meeting the community values for the park and supporting the operational policies of the State.

Guiding Principles for the Master Plan:

  • Protecting and enhancing the environment
  • Providing a diverse spectrum of amenities for cultural, educational, recreational, and event driven opportunities
  • Fostering and promoting accessibility for a variety of communities
  • Building financial sustainability through planning, diversification, and sound administration
  • Creating a family friendly destination to drive economic development for the region

Have you volunteered or Hosted at Fort Yargo?

Here is how you can help...we are collecting input from all that have been to Fort Yargo and may have suggestions on how the park can be improved.  The comment forms and surveys will continue to be collected through February 12th.  We would love to have your input.

Our volunteers and hosts have a unique perspective of the park and its operations, we know that you have some great ideas to contribute.  Click on the Feedback image above to submit your comments.

Thanks so much!

Yours in service,

Nyleta Wallace