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Ridge Rangers are volunteers restoring wildlife habitat on the Lake Wales Ridge and nearby areas in Central Florida.

September 2015

September Ridge Ranger Events

Everyone is welcome to participate in Ridge Rangers events. Please click on the links for the full details and to register.

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Saturday, September12: Invasive Plant Survey at Tiger Creek/Quail Run  Near Lake Wales.

Friday, September 18: Fall Meeting of Lake Wales Ridge Ecosystem Working Group. Meeting theme is Gopher Tortoise Ecology and Management on Central Florida Ridgelands. At Archbold Biological Station near Lake Placid, FL. Ridge Rangers welcome.

Saturday, September 19: Help the Nature Conservancy with Fencing at Tiger Creek/Quail Run. Near Lake Wales.

Saturday, September 26: National Public Lands Day at Highlands Hammock State Park (near Sebring). Three events:

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Surveying & Fencing at Tiger Creek

Ridge Rangers doing fencing

Ridge Rangers will be working in the northern area of The Nature Conservancy’s Tiger Creek site on two Saturdays in September. This part of Tiger Creek – called “Quail Run” – is new to most Ridge Rangers and like the rest of Tiger Creek is all native habitat.

On Saturday, September 12 we’ll be doing a survey for invasive plants at Quail Run. This is a great chance to see this conservation area as well as learn about invasive plants.

On Saturday, September 19 we’ll be rebuilding an old fence at Quail Run to help protect this special conservation area.

The Quail Run section of TNC’s Tiger Creek is to the southeast of Lake Wales, and is accessed off of SR 60. See the above links for maps and details.   

September 26: National Public Lands Day at Highlands Hammock State Park


Highlands Hammock State Park will be hosting three volunteer events on Saturday morning, September 26 for National Public Lands Day. The park staff is asking for as much participation as possible, and the events have been put on the Ridge Rangers Calendar ... come join us! 

Maintain Nature TrailsWe'll be using loppers and clippers to trim back protruding cabbage palm fronds, ranches and overhanging vines from around the Loop Road and hiking trails located off the Loop

Remove Exotic Plants. We'll be removing Caesar Weed, Coral Ardisia, Rosary Pea, and other invasive vegetation by hand pulling, cutting with loppers, digging up plants with shovels and bagging plants bearing seeds and berries.

Remove Sand Pines to Enhance Scrub-jay HabitatWe'll be using hand saws, brush cutters, loppers, and chainsaws (for those qualified) to cut down sand pines in an ongoing major Scrub-jay habitat restoration in the Tiger Branch area of the park.

Participants will receive a free park pass good for another visit to any Florida State Park (limit one per family).  No charge for NPLD participants on Sep 26 of course.

Highlands Hammock State Park is located near Sebring, FL