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TALLAHASSEE  As a further demonstration of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) commitment to protecting the families of Collier County and Florida’s natural resources, DEP will implement all of the County’s requests related to the Collier-Hogan well.

DEP Secretary Herschel T. Vinyard Jr. said, “Our letter today makes clear that we are committed to fulfilling every one of the Commission’s requests to ensure we’re doing everything possible to protect families in Collier County. Moreover, we’re committed to fulfilling the County’s request that a $1 million bond be posted to ensure resources are proactively available to keep the region safe. That’s why I am asking the Commission to join DEP and sign our letter, for settlement purposes, calling on Dan A. Hughes to fulfill this important need. DEP will work with the County to pursue every means possible to hold responsible parties accountable and to protect the people and environment of Collier County.”

In response to the County’s challenge to the Consent Order between DEP and Dan A. Hughes, DEP has agreed to foster direct and transparent communication with the County by:

  • Sharing technical information, provided by Dan A. Hughes, with the County related to the December 2013 workover procedure at the Collier-Hogan well site.
  • Providing the County with a copy of the Interim Spill Prevention and Cleanup Plan that Dan A. Hughes will implement at the well site.
  • Consulting with the County on the selection of independent experts that will be tasked with reviewing the workover procedure to ensure groundwater resources were not adversely impacted.
  • Providing the County with the report compiled by the independent experts, allowing the County the opportunity to conduct a meaningful review of the analysis and consulting with the County prior to determining that Dan A. Hughes has satisfied the report requirements.
  • Providing the County with a copy of the groundwater monitoring plan submitted by Dan A. Hughes and retaining independent experts to review the plan.
  • Notifying the County of any accidents or incidents at the well site.
  • Requesting that Dan A. Hughes post a $1 million bond for potential cleanup costs at the site.

In addition to today’s agreement, DEP has already taken steps to address the concerns of residents, including:

  • Requiring the Dan A. Hughes Company and Collier Resources Company to hold at least three public meetings to discuss and take public comment on their plans for the Collier-Hogan site, and plans for all other current and future energy operations in Collier County.
  • Supplementing the County’s efforts by conducting additional groundwater testing at the Collier-Hogan site and alternative sites near the drilling locations. 
  • Requesting that Dan A. Hughes cease all new operations in Florida until DEP has fully reviewed the results of the monitoring efforts at the Collier-Hogan site.

A copy of the letter issued today by DEP Secretary Herschel T. Vinyard Jr. to Collier County Board of County Commissioners Chairman Tom Henning is located HERE.