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~The Department recognizes April as a time for Floridians to implement water conservation strategies~

TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Department of Environmental Protection recognizes April as Water Conservation Month. This is a time when residents and visitors are encouraged to learn about ways to save water and help protect one of Florida’s most important resources.

“April serves as a time to emphasize how important it is for residents and visitors of Florida to conserve water,” said Drew Bartlett, Deputy Secretary of Water Policy and Ecosystem Restoration. “Water restoration is an ongoing priority of the state and this month serves as a time for residents to implement strategies to help the state work towards our goals.”

Ongoing statewide efforts show that water conservation strategies are working. Florida remains one of the most water-efficient states in the nation. In 2012, Florida used more than 725 million gallons of reclaimed water every day to conserve freshwater and replenish rivers, streams, lakes and aquifers. Florida used reclaimed water to irrigate 321,340 residences, 548 golf courses, 961 parks and 328 schools according to 2012 data. As a result, Florida is a national leader in water reuse and the only state that collects reuse data annually. 

Since most areas of Florida continue to struggle with drought conditions, water conservation is critical. Water conservation is the least costly and easiest plan to preserving our natural resources. Floridians can participate this process by implementing one or more of these 10 simple tips. These tips can help lower monthly water bills while helping to save hundreds of gallons of water.

Indoor Tips:

  • Turn off running water while brushing teeth
  • Fix household leaks promptly
  • Cut time spent in the shower to five minutes
  • Soak pots and pans rather than running water while scraping them clean
  • Avoid using running water to thaw food

Outdoor tips:

  • Water lawn 1-2 times a week 
  • Water plants early in the morning or in the late evening to reduce evaporation and ineffective watering due to wind
  • Use broom to clean driveways, patios and sidewalks
  • Plant drought resistant shrubs, trees and plants
  • Use a rain barrel to collect water to use for plants and gardens

For facts and information about water conservation throughout April, follow @FLDEPNews on Twitter. Share your tips for conserving water by using #DEPConserveWater.