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South District Protection Connection

Volume 1, Issue 2                                                           October 11, 2013

Welcome Remarks from Jon Iglehart, Director of District Management

Jon Iglehart

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the South District Protection Connection Newsletter! I am happy to report our outreach compliance assistance efforts are resulting in strong dividends in three ways:  by streamlining/reducing regulatory burden and increasing economic gains by our regulated partners, through reduction in government costs associated with our compliance efforts, and by tangible environmental protection outcomes.  While these efforts have helped our compliance issue numbers decrease, it is important to emphasize that we are maintaining a level playing field by holding those that refuse to abide by law accountable through rigorous enforcement.  

I hope that you were able to take advantage of one or more of the Assistance outreach events held recently.  Check our calendar for those that are coming.  If you don't see something which could be beneficial, please let us know and we will incorporate it within our program.

Jon Iglehart 

Director of District Management

Terry Cerullo, Ombudsman and Outreach Coordinator