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~DEP's Recycling Recognition Program honors company for its 56 percent recycling rate~


DEP Secretary Herschel  Vinyard  presents recognition award to Tervis' green team, with Venice Mayor John Holic.

VENICE–The Florida Department of Environmental Protection and Secretary Herschel T. Vinyard Jr. recognized Tervis today for its superior recycling efforts. In the first six months of 2013, this Florida-based company, famous for its permanently sealed, double-walled tumblers, achieved a recycling rate of 56 percent. 

This Florida-based company has done a great job recycling its waste, which reduces its environmental footprint,” said DEP Secretary Herschel T. Vinyard Jr. “We need more of Florida businesses to follow Tervis' example to improve Florida’s environment. I am honored to select Tervis for DEP’s Recycling Recognition Program award.”

Tervis, which was recently recognized as a “Green Business Partner” by Sarasota County, has a three-part recycling program. Its single-stream recycling program requires that every employee, from the production floor to executives, be responsible for emptying their own garbage and recycling containers. This helps make everyone more conscious of what is being thrown away versus recycled. Tervis also participates in a returnable packaging program where a majority of all incoming raw materials are received in returnable cardboard packaging, which, after usage, is broken down to a flat state and resent back to the suppliers to be reused. The cycle converts about 2,000 pounds of returnable packaging each work day. The third part of the company's recycling effort is participation in a plastic scrap recycling program where all defective plastic is collected and sent back to be recycled into other plastic products.

"We are thrilled to have Secretary Vinyard and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection recognizing our recycling and sustainability efforts," said Tervis Chief Executive Officer Patrick Redmond. "Here at Tervis, we have a green team dedicated to monitoring and improving efforts to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. Team members focus on finding new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle."

The Tervis green team of Paulo Reis, Ron Schmidt and Chris Shokey accepted the recognition award on behalf of the company. Venice Mayor John Holic was also on-hand to extend his congratulations to Tervis, as well as speak about the importance of recycling in the Venice community.

The Department recently released the 2012 municipal solid waste annual report, which reported Florida’s statewide recycling rate is 48 percent. In 2008, the Florida Legislature established a new statewide recycling goal of 75 percent to be achieved by 2020. Tervis is headquartered in Sarasota County, which ranks 13 in the state for total recycling in 2012, at 47 percent. With a recycling rate 15 percent higher than the average commercial recycling rate for the state, Tervis is an excellent example for other Florida businesses.

Commercial municipal solid waste accounts for approximately 55 percent of the total municipal solid waste stream in Florida. In order for Florida to reach its 75 percent goal, the Department is urging all sectors, especially the commercial sector, to actively increase its recycling efforts. According to the 2012 data, less than half of commercial waste is being recycled. It is crucial that businesses, schools and other commercial recyclers increase their recycling efforts. Recycling provides a direct cost savings to most businesses because the more that is recycled means less waste and lower waste management operating costs. Reuse of materials can also represent a cost savings.

The Department has an easy tool for companies to track recycling efforts -- the Florida DEP Business Recycling Tracking Tool. Through the website, which includes free registration, companies can track different types of recycling efforts and produce reports on how those efforts are helping to shrink their carbon footprint. The tracking will help the Department to recognize companies that are doing more to go green. For more information about the Recycling Recognition Program click here.