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South District Protection Connection

Volume 1, Issue 1                                                           July 12, 2013

Welcome Remarks from Jon Iglehart, Director of District Management

Jon Iglehart

Welcome to the first edition of the South District Protection Connection! Our goal is to reach out to the regulated community we serve, the many government and nonprofit agencies we call our partners and the residents of Southwest Florida and the Florida Keys with this free, electronic, on-line news letter.  I hope you all will agree that we are working hard together to create economic growth, protect our wonderful SWFL environment and marvel at the great place we all call home.  

As the South District Protection Connection moves forward we need your feedback.  We cannot be successful without it.  Please send us your comments and ideas for future stories.   We hope to publish the newsletter once a quarter in the coming year and then move to a bimonthly process.  Stories will cover relevant current topics, training opportunities, updates, community outreach opportunities and a Q&A session. Also, please send us any pictures you would like to see in the newsletter!

This edition of the South District Protection Connection is an introduction to our Environmental Consultants and will provide the public information regarding Who's Who in the South District.  Please contact the Environmental Consultants for anything you may need. 

Jon Iglehart 

Director of District Management

Albert D. McLaurin, P.E., Assistant Director of District Management

Al McLaurin

The South District Office has always taken a pro-active approach to working with governmental entities, the regulated community and the residents of the District to protect our fragile environment.  The recent re-organization was another step in expanding on the past as we move towards the future.  Our ultimate goal as a District is to form a stronger alliance with the regulated community and public to further environmentally friendly business growth that will allow our friends and neighbors to prosper.  This inaugural edition of the South District’s Protection Connection is just another step in our reaching out to the residents, governmental entities and businesses of the District.  With the addition of DeSoto and Sarasota Counties as part of the District, we have the opportunity to further expand our approach to working with the public, governmental entities and business communities.

To contact Al please call 239.344.5605 or e-mail

Terry Cerullo, Ombudsman and Outreach Coordinator