Join me for the Emancipation Day Parade


April 6, 2016 | Volume 2, Issue 13

Emancipation Graphic

Dear Washingtonians,

Next Saturday, we commemorate Emancipation Day - the 154th anniversary of achieving freedom for more than 3,000 men, women and children who were enslaved in the District of Columbia.  

Every April 16th we renew our commitment to equality for all people and continue our fight for Washington, DC statehood.  

Washington, DC recently won an important victory on the path for full statehood when the Superior Court sided with me and the DC Council by upholding our Budget Autonomy law.  Because of Budget Autonomy, your elected leaders will be able to spend your hard earned tax dollars on the things that matter most to District residents, without interference from Congress.  That is a big step forward.  

I hope you’ll join me as we celebrate by marching in this year’s Emancipation Day Parade. We’ll start to gather on Saturday April, 16th at noon at One Judiciary Square. To learn more, you can visit



Muriel Bowser

Budget Hearing

Giving District Residents a Fair Shot

On Monday, Mayor Bowser presented her Fiscal Year 2017 budget to the DC Council. Before developing her budget, Mayor Bowser hosted a series of budget engagement forums attended by hundreds of residents from across the city. The forums allowed the Bowser Administration to hear directly from residents about what's important to them and how they believe the government should spend their tax dollars. The budget Mayor Bowser presented includes critical investments in education, public safety, and the District residents. Learn more about the budget at