Service Improvements Should Make Travel to Levi’s Smoother

VTA safely transported more than 9,000 people to and from Levi’s Stadium on Saturday, Aug. 2, and while a lot went right with our enhanced service, not everything did. When our riders speak up, we listen, using their comments and suggestions along with observations from our employees in the field to improve service. We came up with a number of changes we’re going to implement for this coming Sunday’s enhanced service, and we thought we’d let you know what you can expect to experience on the public transportation system.

Overall, VTA is providing extra service to Levi’s Stadium in addition to our regular Sunday service. This enhanced service includes added Express bus service and extra service trains that run between the regular trains and go directly to Levi’s Stadium – they still make all the stops, but there’s no need to transfer. Here’s a look at some of the major changes you will be seeing out there:

Bus Service

VTA’s five Express Bus lines that run only on days there are events at Levi’s Stadium were a success, so we’re adding another line: the 256 from Ohlone-Chynoweth Transit Center. This line will run non-stop between Ohlone-Chynoweth and Levi’s Stadium, taking fans directly to the stadium’s doorstep, and taking some pressure off light rail. Remember, it’s an Express bus, so there are Express bus fares: $4 for adults, $1.75 for youth, and $1 for senior/disabled fares.

VTA’s other five event-day Express bus lines will also be in operation, and they provide a great alternative to get to the stadium.

To help with crowding on trains, we will also have buses operating along the light rail line from Convention Center in downtown San Jose to the Stadium every 10 minutes before the event. If trains are full and can’t stop to take on more passengers, the buses will be available to take those passengers on to the stadium. They’ll get as close as they can to the stadium to drop off riders.

We will also have buses at the Tasman Station waiting to take people directly to the stadium, again in case trains are full and can’t take on more passengers, and these buses will get as close as they can to the stadium, too.

Light Rail Service

Want to know where your train is headed? Those going to Levi’s Stadium will say “Levi’s Stadium” on the electronic display on the front.

We will be enhancing our light rail service as well, with more extra service trains starting at the Winchester station instead of the Diridon station on the Winchester-Mountain View line before the game. These will be 2-car trains because the platforms along the Winchester segment are not long enough for 3-car trains.

During the game, regular trains will turn around at the Baypointe Station, so those heading on to Mountain View will need to transfer there; however, Mountain View-bound trains will operate every 15 minutes between Baypointe and Mountain View during the game.

We will also add two extra service trains starting at Santa Teresa, for a total of six from Santa Teresa to the stadium. These will all be 3-car trains.

All Alum Rock extra service trains will also operate with three cars, and three extra trains (one from downtown, two from Gish Station) to the stadium will be put into service to help with crowding on the way to the game.

If you’re taking light rail and plan to park at the River Oaks or I-880/Milpitas park and ride lots, remember, there’s a $20 parking charge at those two lots.