City of Riverside Ward 1 Update

Mike Gardner
City Council Member - Ward 1
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I want to alert everyone to some upcoming major work on the 91 Freeway that will affect traffic in our neighborhoods as well as freeway access.  This is all associated with completion of the 14th Street bridge and the 14th Street on and off ramps.  There are multiple phases to the project and they overlap so the total impact is less than might be assumed if you just add up the days of work.  Following is a description of the various phases and what is involved in terms of closures and detours.

The Eastbound 14th Street Offramp will close for 12 days beginning at 5:00 a.m. Wednesday March 11 and ending by 6:00 a.m. Monday March 23.
People wishing to exit the eastbound 91 at 14th Street can get off at Central and take Magnolia into the Downtown area or they can get off at University and come back toward 14th Street on Lime Street. This map shows that closure and detour:




The 14th Street bridge over the 91 Freeway and the Westbound Offramp will close for five days from 10:00 p.m. Thursday March 10 to 6:00 a.m. Monday March 23.

For motorists on the east side of the bridge Vine Street and Park Avenue between 14th Street and University Avenue or Mission Inn Avenue are suggested detour routes. For those on the west side of the bridge Lime Street is suggested as the detour route. The map below shows this closure and detour routes. Westbound freeway traffic should exit at Mission Inn Avenue during the closure.




The Eastbound 14th Street Onramp will close for 35 days from 5:00 a.m. Monday March 23 to 6:00 a.m. Monday April 27.
The suggested detour route is Lime Street from 14th Street to University Avenue, east (right) under the freeway to the first left then onto the freeway at Mission Inn Avenue. The lengthy closure here is required to complete the bridges that compose the on and off ramps like the ones on the Westbound side. The map below shows the closure and detour routes:




The Eastbound University Avenue Offramp will close for 35 days from 5:00 a.m. Monday March 23 to 6:00 a.m. Monday April 27.
This is required to connect the bridges that form the 14th Street and University on and offramps to the streets. The map below shows the closure and recommended detour routes:




This work will complete the work at the 14th Street bridge.  A map of the final configuration of the 14th Street on and offramps and the eastbound University Avenue offramp is shown on the map below: 




 Other work associated with the 91 freeway widening will be completed later.  The schedule is as follows:


  • Eastbound Central Offramp completion Summer or this year
  • Eastbound Arlington Offramp completion Summer of this year
  • Ivy Street Bridge completion in Fall of this year subject to permit approvals by the railroad
  • Landscaping is proceeding from Adams Street toward the downtown and is scheduled to be completed late this year

Please direct any questions about this project to Mr. Dennis Green

D Green 


Just think, one day this will all just be a memory and we will have a better freeway!


As always, please feel free to contact me any time you have questions or if my office can be of assistance.


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