City of Riverside Ward 6 Update


Jim Perry
City Council Member - Ward 6

A Message From Your Council Member… 

Over the past weeks, Ward 6 has experienced the tragic loss of lives and the coming together of a strong community. Our sentiments are with the Riverside families of the Norte Vista High School students whom passed away, the bus driver whom passed away and the other students injured in the Humboldt crash. Through the many fundraising efforts carried out in the past few weeks we have come together to be there for our neighbors. Let us continue to look after one another by keeping vigilant of Ward 6’s needs. Report suspicious activities taking place in your neighborhood or prepare for a home emergency. Assist one another to be strong during this trying time and to have the strength to over come unexpected situations by being prepared. Residents take advantage of reading our Police Department’s brochures on Home Safety Tips or sign-up for a C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team) training. The City provides many educational and awareness programs, contact 951-826-5311 for more information.  


Jim Perry 

 City of Riverside Tax and Fee Refund 


The City of Riverside is currently offering Utility Users Tax and Street Light Assessment Fee Refunds for qualifying low-income households. This program provide assistance for a refund to Utility Users Tax of up to $35 of taxes paid and 100% of fees attributed to the City of Riverside Street Assessment District during a 12-month period. Click here for application. 


Gross Receipts Up 16.9% Year Over Year 


The City of Riverside Sales Tax Update for first quarter receipts for fourth quarter sales (October – December 2013) show positive growth in the retail sector. Riverside’s October through December sales ended 16.9% higher than the same quarter one year ago… READ MORE 


Magnolia Avenue Improvement Project 


Construction for the Magnolia Avenue Improvement Project between Jackson and Arlington is scheduled to begin on May 5th.  It will include new paving, concrete work, bus pads, and signal improvements between Arlington and Jackson and will last for approximately 3 to 4 months. 


Working Hours and Lane Closure Information:

  • Lane reductions will be sporadic as needed to allow for construction.  At least one lane in each direction will be open at all times.
  • General working hours in non-school zones and when school is out of session will be weekdays 7:00 am to 3:30 pm.
  • Construction hours and lane reductions will be coordinated with schools to minimize traffic impacts.  In the school zones between Jackson and Monroe and between Jefferson and Madison, construction hours will be reduced during school days to work around drop-off and pick-up times.
  • Construction of concrete bus pads will require sporadic lane reductions for 72 consecutive hours.  In school zones, these 72 hour lane reductions for bus pad construction will be scheduled on weekends (Friday evening through Monday morning).

Note: Access to properties will be available during construction and trash services will not be interrupted. 


For more information click here or contact our Public Works Department at 951-826-5311.  


Ralphs on La Sierra and Indiana to Close 


Unfortunately, the Kroger Company has indeed announced that the La Sierra Community will be loosing their local Ralphs Store this June. Although, this news is disappointing, we were happy to hear that employees would not be laid off and that the U.S. Bank would not be closing. Council Member MacArthur, Assistant City Manager Deanna Lorson and I met with Ralphs’ representatives to present a Proposal for Continued Occupancy. We made it clear that the City of Riverside would like them to stay. Ralphs agreed to take back the information to their next board meeting. They will be making their decision within 7-10 days. For additional questions and details contact Kendra Doyle, Ralphs Group VP, (310) 884-4141.


Riverside’s Unemployment Rate Declined  


The unemployment rate for the City of Riverside declined (0.1%) over the last month to 9.5%. This compares with an unadjusted unemployment rate of 8.4% for the State and 6.8% for the nation during the same reporting period; this represents a decrease of 0.1% and 0.2%, respectively, from February 2014.


Neighborhood Livability Program 

 Neighborhood Livability Program

The City of Riverside has taken several significant and proactive steps in response to the foreclosure activity to prevent vacant homes from deteriorating or becoming public nuisances. The City Municipal Code clearly delineates a property owner’s responsibilities with respect to vacant buildings and requires the property owner to maintain and rehabilitate the property to avoid a declaration of a continuous public nuisance. The Neighborhood Livability program has been a success and has significantly furthered the City Council’s goal of preserving, protecting and enhancing the safety of our neighborhoods. In severe cases, the City seeks the court appointment of a “Receiver” to rehabilitate neglected and public nuisance properties. This program is funded by the property and not at the public expense. Ward 6 has two homes in receivership; one is located on Ramway and the other is on Noble.

A Foundation for Kids

This month we give a BIG THANK YOU to A Foundation for Kids! After Chief Operating Officer Danielle McQueen graciously gave us a behind the scene tour of the facility, she sent us off with books to distribute to Alvord Unified School District students. We enthusiastically delivered books to the following elementary schools: Orrenmaa, Collett, Myra Linn, Arlanza and Foothill. The mission of A Foundation for Kids, a 501(c)3 organization, is to raise funds and in-kind support for children’s agencies & youth organizations that serve abused and at-risk children in Southern California.

A Foundation for Kids




Community Events 

05/04 Cinco de Mayo Celebration @ Bryant Park (9:30am-6:30pm)

05/06 City Council @ Council Chambers/3900 Main St. (6:30pm)

05/07 Mayor’s Night Out @ Loma Vista/11050 Arlington Avenue (6:30pm)

05/08 AUSD Parent Engagement/GATE Office Open House @ 5891 Rutland Avenue (2:30pm-4:30pm)

05/09 BINGO to Support La Sierra HS Cross Country @ LSHS/4145 La Sierra Avenue (6:00pm)

05/10 Great American Clean Up @ various locations (9:30am-11:00am) Contact: KRCB 951-683-7100 x212

05/13 City Council @ Council Chambers/3900 Main St. (6:30pm)

05/15 When Women Succeed Event (All Spanish Forum) @ VFW Post 9223/10303 Arlington Ave. (6:30pm)

05/20 City Council @ Council Chambers/3900 Main St. (6:30pm)

05/24 Chili Cook-off @ Van Buren and Magnolia (9:30am-5:00pm)