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Special Bulletin

Power Outage


I wanted to fill everyone in on what happened to cause our power outage, this is direct from RPU that I got and I am sharing it with you.

I do want to add what an amazing job the people of the Riverside Public Utilities did under extreme conditions to get our power restored. When you see them please stop and say thank you for all that they do for us.

At 2:38 am on Sat March 1, 2014 amid numerous lightning strikes in the area, Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) experienced the sudden loss of three 69kV sub transmission lines.  Concurrently, Riverside Fire Dept. responded to and contained a fire at the Harvey-Lynn substation.  Service was initially interrupted to 21,514 customers including Kaiser Hospital.  

The first priority was restoration of the transmission lines, which was accomplished by 4:25am.   At that we restored service to the hospital. 

RPU work crews responded quickly to restore electric service. By 6:30am, service had been restored to over 17,000 customers, leaving approximately 4,000 customers still without power. 

All power was restored by 7:25am

Again a great job by RPU,


Steve Adams

Your Honored Representative for Ward 7

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