City of Riverside Ward 1 Update

Mike Gardner
City Council Member - Ward 1

Hi Everyone,

As you most likely know the forecast is for a substantial rainstorm Friday of this week. Some forecasts predict several inches of rain for our area. As much as we would all like to see some rain I hope it isn’t too much at the same time.

The City is prepared for this storm and is treating it as though rainfall will be toward the higher end of predictions. Crews from a variety of departments will be on standby and some will be patrolling looking for problems so they can be headed off quickly.

There are some flood prone areas of Ward 1 and if you live in one of them I want to make you aware of some resources that may assist you. Should you need them, sand bags are available at the city corporation yard at 8095 Lincoln St. This is just north of Adams St. behind the Auto Center. Sand bags are stockpiled just across the road from the security booth. The officer can direct you. Sand bags are also available at two Fire Stations: Station 6 at 1077 Orange St., the sand bags and sand are on the lot next to the station; and Station 7 at 10191 Cypress Ave., again the sand and sand bags are on the lot next to the station. There will also be a stockpile of sand bags at the Ninth Street entrance to Mount Rubidoux and behind the tennis courts at Fairmount Park.

Sand and sand bags can also be purchased at most large hardware stores like Ace, Lowes, and Home Depot to name a few.

Routine problems like flooded intersections can be reported to 311. If 311 is unavailable and the situation warrants please call the non-emergency police and fire number which is 354-2007.

Life and property threatening flooding or landslide should be reported to 911.

Please share this with any friends or email lists you think would benefit and let me know if you have questions or problems.


Office (951) 826-5991
City Cell (951) 941-7084
Personal Cell (951) 897-8660