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Riverside's Smart Code, ePlan and other economic development strategies will greatly improve our City's ability to attract business/development opportunities. The increased revenues generated by more business will help our City to better serve our residents through infrastructure repair/replacement (tree trimming, roads, sidewalks, curbs and gutters).   


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There is a Survey at online for the community to tell the City what they are looking for in the next Parks, Recreation & Community Services Director.  Paper surveys will also be available at the parks and senior centers for those that prefer the paper version.  An ad will be placed in the Press Enterprise along with the use of social media, press releases, local billboards and a couple of free publications that the City produces.  The rollout will be occurring all this week.   



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February 8 

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Councilmember Mike Soubirous
February 4, 2014                              Edition #3

Hello to all Riversiders - especially Ward 3 residents and business owners.  This edition of the Ward 3 newsletter contains information on our parks and a recent proposal to hire security guards to patrol them.  We will discuss recent street sweeping parking enforcement changes and other issues which affect you, your family or your business.  I hope you find these newsletters informative.  Please provide your feedback if there are items or issues you would like to see in these reports.  Please call me at (951) 515-1663 or email me at ~ I look forward to serving you.    

Mike Soubirous

Park Security?
Regarding the two recent newspaper articles on the "armed" guards at Riverside's parks:

The aggressive panhandling problem plaguing Riverside has been recognized by our City Council and City staff as needing immediate attention. Our people (residents and business owners alike) have strongly voiced their concerns. 

This last Monday, City staff initiated a discussion regarding the proposal to bring together all stakeholders - Police, Code Enforcement, Fire, Parks & Recreation, facilities, and any department that would have any part to play in curbing our City's aggressive panhandling problem.  I make the distinction between aggressive panhandling/street thugs and those we would consider "homeless."

Our City has extensive programs in place to help those who are truly homeless and are willing to accept the help offered and rebuild their lives. Our City's program elicits the help of and collaborates with our many faith-based organizations who are more than willing to step up and help with our "homeless" situation.

The program/initiative to target the aggressive panhandling problem is a completely separate issue from our "homeless."  The suggestion to utilize security guards (unarmed or armed) was to simply provide extra eyes and ears at our City's parks overnight to ensure our facilities were properly locked, secured and observed. There is concern whether or not our police would be able to respond to assist these security people should they encounter problems.  The choice to employ armed security or not was a consideration/suggestion to keep the security personnel safe - personal protection in case attacked during these overnight vigils.

Again, the discussion was of a proposal to put together all stakeholders in order to find solutions to a problem.  The use of armed or unarmed security guards was simply a suggestion and only one component of the overall proposed plan.

The public's input would also be a part of this proposal which will ultimately be put before the City Council to decide. 

Congratulations to Riverside's First Baptist Church - Celebrating 140 years!  

The First Baptist Church of Riverside, located in Ward 3, is one of the oldest churches in the Inland Empire and recently celebrated it's 140 year on Sunday, February 2nd.  The church's roots date back to February, 1874, when nine people met in Riverside, which was 10 years before our city incorporated, to establish the church.  Baptisms were first performed in the creek that feeds Lake Evans at Fairmount Park.  The first church facility was built in 1882 at Lemon and 8th (now University Avenue).  The second church was built in 1904 at Lemon and 9th Street.  The current church is located at 5500 Alessandro Boulevard (near Central Avenue) and was built in 1965.  Senior Pastor Joe Lutz led the worship and celebration service.  Pastor Lutz introduced Mayor Rusty Bailey and his wife and family, along with Councilmember Mike Soubirous and his wife Linda, who attended the 140th anniversary service.  Congratulations to First Baptist Church of Riverside!


Street Sweeping & Parking Enforcement   

Riverside's Public Works Director Tom Boyd has modified street sweeping enforcement strategies.  Parking enforcement during holidays and parking immediately after the sweeper has passed by should now be handled with better discernment.  If you encounter adverse street sweeping enforcement issues from this point on - please call or email me.  


City of Riverside - Employment Statistics *  

 December 2013 

The unemployment rate in the City of Riverside was 9.2% in December 2013, down from 9.7% percent in November 2013, and below the year-ago estimate of 11.2 percent. This compares to an unemployment rate of 9.1 percent for Riverside County, 8.9 percent for the MSA, and an unadjusted 7.9 percent for California and 6.5 percent for the nation during the same period.


December 2013  

November 2013  

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