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Councilmember Mike Soubirous
January 25, 2014

The Three “P”s

Panhandlers, Potholes and Propellers 

The City has heard complaints from many residents and business owners regarding aggressive panhandling.  Recently, our City Ordinances were revised to prevent panhandling from roadway medians, driveways and certain parking lots.  The California Highway Patrol will begin an enhanced enforcement effort at freeway ramp locations in a few weeks.  I have received many calls, emails and spoken directly to residents/business owners about this issue.  I am fully committed to finding solutions to this growing problem as it has a social, economic and safety impact on our community.



Riverside’s roads are progressively deteriorating.  Our City focused on the Riverside Renaissance and the building up of much of our infrastructure. This was undertaken to keep our City competitive with other communities in an attempt to lure business and to create a better Riverside for all to enjoy.  One thing that was overlooked or placed on “hold” so to speak was our roads.  There was little or no maintenance in the form of sealants, hot topping or other processes designed to prolong the roadway (asphalt) life.  As a result, we are experiencing cracking and potholes all over our City and especially in Ward 3.  The City recently approved a Road Rehabilitation project for a few of our major heavily travelled streets.  These repaving efforts should be underway soon.  However, the City needs to identify funding sources for the large remainder of substandard streets.  Repairing and repaving will be our next large undertaking – in the meanwhile, drive carefully, watch out for large potholes and if you see them, please report them to the City’s 311 call center.  The City crews are usually very quick to plug, patch and pave these pesky potholes.

Propellers Propellers

Did you know that the Riverside Airport is in Ward 3? Our Municipal Airport is a valuable asset to our community as well as our local economy.  Many aircraft owners call Riverside Airport “home.”  Our Airshow Committee sponsors an annual airshow that usually draws about 85,000 visitors.  This year’s AIRSHOW 2014 will be our City’s 22nd show and will held Saturday, April 5th from 9 am to 4 pm.  Come on out and join the fun – you will have a great time viewing the static displays as well as aerial demonstrations throughout the day.  For more information, please call (951) 351-6113.


Stray Shopping Carts


Should you spot a stray or abandoned shopping cart, please report it ASAP. Our City has a program designed to corral these wayward shopping carts and return them to their owners. Abandoned carts add to our urban blight and can often enable street people/”homeless” individuals to utilize these buggies. The taking of a shopping cart from the store premises without the written consent of the store owner or manager is a crime. So do your part – help return the cart. You can reach our City’s Shopping Cart removal program at our Call Center at (951) 826-5311 or simply dial “311”. You can also send an e-mail to:


“Silver Alert”

We have requested our City discuss feasibility of implementing a program or system designed to locate an elderly “walk-away” or someone suffering from some sort of dementia. The State of California utilizes a “Silver Alert” which mirrors the State’s “Amber Alert” program. There has been concern from members of our community about how we can best alert our public when a walk-away occurs. I am hoping this dialogue brings out some useful ideas and information. Possibly the development of a locally based Silver Alert phone “app” or other way to alert our residents of the missing person’s last known location, description and possibly a photograph. We will keep you posted of any progress.