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Councilmember Mike Soubirous

July 2, 2015

Edition #14

Greetings to all Riverside and Ward 3 residents! The Fourth of July holiday is upon us and the recent City-Wide elections are behind us. Councilman Mike Gardner was re-elected to Ward 1, Councilman Mike Soubirous to Ward 3 and Councilman Chris MacArthur to Ward 5. Ward 7 has a new Councilmember after 12 years - Councilmember John Burnard. John was sworn in along with the re-elected Councilmembers this past Tuesday. 

The annual Mt. Rubidoux and La Sierra fireworks displays will begin at 9 pm on July 4th. Special viewing is available at Evergreen Cemetery or from any good viewpoint in Riverside. Enjoy your holiday - but please be safe and don’t drink & drive. Remember - all fireworks are prohibited in Riverside.

Water is on everyone’s mind due to our on-going drought. The weather forecasters say there is an 85% chance of a moderate or stronger El Nino this year. Lets hope so and pray for lots of rain! As you may have heard, Riverside Public Utility customers are required to keep watering to nighttime only, and three days out of seven (3 times a week maximum). Also, no watering within 48 hours of significant rainfall. Yes, Riverside is 100% water independent, and has enough water for 5 to 10 years (current climatical conditions), but for the meanwhile we are directed by the Governor to cut 29% of our water use. I am aware that many of our residents have cut their use over the past 5 to 10 years - so use your judgement. Please keep in mind that even though the City has temporarily relaxed its enforcement of brown laws, the City tree you may have along your front curb line is required to be watered - by you. It takes many years to grow a tree, but just weeks to kill it due to a lack of water. Please keep your City tree watered!

Speaking of trees, if you have a “nuisance” tree (root problem, cracked sidewalks, sewer/root issues, water pipe breakage or other) in your front parkway (City owned) and you have had trouble getting the City to remove it, please call me and I’ll do all I can to help. Also, if your street has broken/cracked sidewalks, broken curbs or other such damage, please report it to 3-1-1 or to me. We will notify Public Works and get it put on a list of those needing similar repair.

As always, I am here to advocate for you to City Hall.  I work for you!

Please call, email, text, tweet or IM me anytime. I am on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CouncilmanMikeSoubirous. msoubirous@riversideca.gov  (951) 515-1663.

Happy 4th of July!


Please Remember!

Fireworks Prohibited

A Fourth of July Message From the Riverside Police Department and Local Law Enforcement:



Police Taxi

In November 2014, the Riverside Police Department launched a new program called “Know Your Limit.” On Friday, July 3, 2015, members of the “Know Your Limit” program will be deployed on foot into Riverside’s various entertainment districts where they contact restaurant, club and bar patrons outside the businesses. Patrons who have consumed alcohol will be asked if they would like to volunteer to be checked with a breathalyzer device to see what their current blood alcohol content (BAC) level is. The officers will explain that it’s an educational program designed to raise awareness of how little alcohol it takes to register a 0.08 percent BAC. During the contact the volunteer will be asked if they feel the effects of any alcohol and if they would feel safe to drive a vehicle. Patrons will be allowed to blow into the breathalyzer device and then shown their results. At the end of the volunteer’s participation in the program, they will be given the tube from the breathalyzer, a sticker or an educational card as a reminder that also provides information on alcohol consumption and burn-off times as well as the common penalties for the first time DUI driver. 

Summertime should be a fun time for those who choose to celebrate the right way: with a plan for a sober ride. If you make your plans when you’re sober, you won’t make a bad decision when you’re drunk. When you drive drunk, you run the risk of killing yourself or someone else. Even if you don’t harm anyone, the average DUI costs about $10,000. Wouldn’t you rather pay for a taxi?

As you make your summertime party plans, the California Office of Traffic Safety is offering a free mobile app – DDVIP – aimed at thanking the sober designated driver with incentives and free offers at area bars and restaurants. Funding for this is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration who reminds every motorist to Report Drunk Drivers – Call 911! Remember, Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving. Don’t do it.



Riverside’s City Council voted this week to update its Water Conservation Ordinance, drought plan, and water conservation programs to help Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) achieve a 28 percent reduction in water use system wide.

The council moved forward with the adoption of stage three of its urgency ordinance to meet new state-mandated goals for water conservation.

Changes include new schedules that cut outdoor watering to just three days per week (April through October) and two days per week (November through March). Watering times are limited to a maximum of 15 minutes per station between the hours of 6 p.m. to 10 a.m. Customers with high-efficiency drip or micro spray irrigation systems are exempt from this new schedule.

“We’re in this together,” said RPU General Manager Girish Balachandran, “and we need all of our water customers to answer the call to conserve and to eliminate water waste.”

The new watering schedules join a list of changed or updated mandatory conservation measures that came out this spring. They include: no watering of turf or ornamental landscapes during, or 48-hours following measurable precipitation; new requirements by water agencies to notify customers when they are aware of leaks that are within the customer’s control to repair; restaurants and other food service establishments can only serve water on request; and hotels and motels must provide guests with options of not having towels/linens laundered daily and must prominently display this option.

Meanwhile, all other restrictions from last year are still in effect including: no washing down of sidewalks and driveways and no watering outdoor landscapes in excess to cause runoff; application of water to streets and sidewalks is prohibited; irrigation and plumbing leaks must be fixed within 72 hours of notice; and washing of vehicles must be done with a bucket and hose with shut off valve.

RPU has set up its website www.BlueRiverside.com with helpful conservation guidelines, tips, and programs from local agencies and the state. Log on weekly for the latest guidelines that affect all Riverside water customers.

Update on Turf Removal Program

Turf Rebate

Due to the popularity of RPU's turf removal programs and the eagerness of RPU customers to conserve water during California's unprecedented drought, the funding for these programs has been exhausted.  The majority of the funding was provided to us through the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) and MWD has cut funding for this program.

RPU is not accepting additional applications at this time.

However, to preserve the $2.00 per square foot incentive level for RPU customers, and to support the growing interest in turf removal within RPU's service territory, our customers may be eligible for a turf removal rebate directly from MWD.   MWD has re-launched its turf removal program and has opened it up to residents, homeowner associations, businesses and public agencies within RPU's service territory. To apply or for more information, customers may visit SoCalWaterSmart.com

RPU Customer Relations staff will be available if necessary, to provide technical assistance to customers applying for these MWD turf removal programs. Our website has been updated to reflect this information. We will also be reaching out to customers to inform them of the change. Note that Western Municipal Water District is following the same process of closing their program and directing their customers to apply directly with MWD.

- Ward 3 Vacancy -

Mayor's Commission on Aging

The mission of the Riverside Mayor's Commission on Aging is to enhance the quality of life for seniors in our community. We study local senior issues to learn about current programs, define future needs, and reference Best Practices. We then make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on ways we think the City of Riverside can maintain and improve its status as a Senior-Friendly Community.

Eleven members act in an advisory capacity to the Mayor and City Council on all matters pertaining to senior citizens and their needs. This Commission requires its members to be at least 55 years old and not be paid representatives of an elderly service. 

The Mayor's Commission on Aging meets at 4 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month at the Janet Goeske Senior Center, 5257 Sierra Street. Time commitment may include 6-10 hours per month. For further information or to leave messages for Commission members, call Frank Arreola at 826-5897. 

To view the Boards and Commissions Application, click here.

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