Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project Newsletter

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County of Placer Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project

Happy New Year!

With the winter weather upon us, the Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project construction is on winter shut down, but we would like to update you on a few items regarding the project.

Parking Lot

Parking Lots

As part of the project, six new public lots will be constructed.  In mid-November, Q & D Construction completed two more of the planned lots. One is at the corner of Rainbow Avenue and Deer Street behind the former Carpenters Union Hall. The second is along Salmon Avenue just east of the Post Office. Final landscaping and finishes will be completed on these lots this spring, but the lots are available now for parking with the exception that no overnight parking is allowed to accommodate snow removal.

bus shelter

Bus Shelters

Also in mid-November, Q & D completed two planned bus shelters. One is located next to the Chevron station for westbound users, and the other is located within the Kings Beach State Recreation Area for eastbound riders. Both shelters are equipped with LED lighting and our NextBus System allowing transit users to accurately track when the bus is arriving at the shelter.

Trash/Recycle Bins

Q & D installed eight of the twelve trash/recycle bins planned for along the highway. These cans are currently in service and are being picked up weekly. The remainder of the cans will be installed in the spring.  

Sidewalk Maintenance

Placer County crews have been clearing snow from the new sidewalk along the highway and the sidewalks which connect to the new parking facilities. Contractors are also clearing snow from the four completed parking lots in order to make those useable during the winter season. Coordination efforts have been ongoing with Caltrans Road Maintenance crews as well as our county road maintenance crews.  We ask for your consideration regarding where you push and store your private snow, so it does not interfere with state or county snow removal operations. Pushing snow into the state or county roadways is not allowed. In turn, our crews will attempt to be considerate where sidewalk, crosswalk and parking lot snow gets stored. The county is learning how to most efficiently and effectively clear snow from the new sidewalks in order to make them as user-friendly as possible.

Keep An Eye Out

Although the project team certainly tried to build a project that will function well and need no modification – it doesn’t always work out that way. We have learned that modifications may be required. It is our hope that if you see anything that you feel is unsafe or is just not right, that you let someone on our team know. Comments are welcome via the project website or by calling the local Placer County Department of Public Works and Facilities office at (530) 581-6238.

Project Schedule

  • The ‘Core of the Core’ phase of the project has a few remaining items that will be completed in the spring and early summer 2016. These items include sidewalk installation along the west side of Secline Street across from the hardware store, and a sidewalk along the south side of Salmon Avenue between Coon and Fox Streets. The completion of the public parking lot along the south side of the highway between Coon and Fox Streets is also planned to be completed. Final recessed roadway striping is planned at the completion of these activities.
  • The ‘Gateway to the Core’ phase will be put out to bid this winter with construction planned for this coming construction season. Planned improvements include extending sidewalks and improvements along Highway 28 from Secline Street to Highway 267 and from the Minnow Street Parking lot to Lower Chipmunk Street. This phase also includes the construction of the final parking lot located along Rainbow Avenue between Secline and Deer Streets. Coordination efforts are underway to minimize conflicts with overlapping crews and disruption to the community and traveling public. This phase is planned for completion in the fall of 2016.

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