Reminder: Sustainability & Climate Ideas Expo - Tues. 11/18

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Climate Plan Ideas Expo 
Tuesday, November 18 6-8 PM, Downtown Library 

Share Your Ideas for the Palo Alto Sustainability and Climate Action Plan (S/CAP)—online or in person (or both!)  

The City is hosting an interactive “ideas expo” to invite ideas from the community to help advance the City’s sustainability goals. This dynamic event will introduce the S/CAP and highlight global best practices and municipal advancements in sustainability. Local and regional partners will share their ideas, and we'll ask you, the community, for your best ideas and plans to help accelerate the pace of climate action in Palo Alto and the nation. 

The S/CAP will focus on how we can build on the City’s recent success in delivering carbon-neutral electricity; can we become a carbon-neutral city? To do that, we’d need to transform transportation, and shift our dependence on natural gas use. We welcome your best thinking on how we might do that—and how fast! 

Join us on Tuesday, November 18 from 6-8PM at the Downtown Library. And bring your big ideas—the bolder the better!

Online Engagement Opportunity

We are also inviting your ideas through the City’s online discussion forum, Open City Hall. Visit to let us know what you think it would take for Palo Alto to become carbon neutral in 10 years or less. This question will be online through November 26th. Open City Hall is an online forum for civic engagement. You are invited to read what others are saying about important Palo Alto topics, and then post your own statement. The comments will be available to City officials making decisions on these topics.