June 2017 Development Services Construction Updates

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The Development Services Department strives to update those interested in private construction in the City of Palo Alto.  The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to give the reader construction-related updates on the largest projects that are visible by the public; such as new commercial, multi-use buildings and new subdivisions.  The following projects are currently in either plan review or under construction. This newsletter provides a description of work, shares a recent picture of the site or rendering, and provides an estimate from our inspection staff of when the construction activity on the site might conclude.  The majority of these projects replace or improve existing buildings. Brief details about the previous structure are included at the bottom of each project description.  For a more comprehensive list of projects going through building and planning review throughout the city visit https://paloalto.buildingeye.com/building.  Please direct any questions to the Development Services Director Peter.Pirnejad@cityofpaloalto.org.




Dr. Peter Pirnejad
Director, Development Services Department

3170 Porter

3170 Porter

New 2-story core and shell commercial building 98,000 square feet with below grade parking 75,000 square feet.

Currently, exterior finishes and hardscape are ongoing with interior finishes at core building areas nearing completion.  The interior tenant improvement, multi trades, insulation and drywall continue.

This project is approximately  84% complete.

636 Waverley

This project is a new 10,299 square foot, 4-story mixed-use building with a 20 space parking garage. The commercial space will be located on the ground floor.  Residential units will be on the upper two floors. Office space on level 2.

Currently, Interior finishes continue in multiple units, Barricades have come down.

The project is approximately 90% complete. 

This project replaces an existing building of approximately 1316 sf.

636 Waverley

300 Pasteur - Stanford Parking Garage

300 Pasteur

This project is a new 5-level parking garage that includes an auditorium at the roof level.  Two of the five levels of parking are located below grade with 970 parking spaces.

Currently, Landscaping underway.

The project is approximately 96% complete.

This does not replace existing building sf.

500 University Ave

This project consists of a new three story office/retail building with occupied roof deck and two split levels of below grade parking with 62 parking spaces.

Currently, The final installation of electrical, mechanical, and plumbing components, including exterior landscape and paving. 

The core and shell are approximately  90% complete.  The tenant improvement are 10% complete.

500 University Avenue

405 Curtner Avenue

405 Curtner

A 3-story, six (6) unit townhouse building. All six units have the same square footage. Area per unit is 1237 square feet of habitable space and 460 square feet of garage. There will be 14 parking spaces at this site.

Currently, Most inspections completed finishing touches on MEP ready to release all units early July.

This project is approximately  99% complete. 

1501 California: Mayfield California Ave Multi Family

This project consists of two condominium buildings, a fitness building 1720 square feet, a community building 2700 square feet, and 68 new homes. Condo Building 1 contains 58 units 116,356 square feet and Condo Building 2 contains 54 new units 122,817 square feet.  The project also includes site utilities and about 4000 linear feet of retaining walls throughout the development. 

Currently, Building 1 interiors and Courtyard are nearly complete,.Pavers for the Courtyard and walkways are 50% complete. Building 2 Exterior finishes are better than 50%, while the interiors are still getting sheetrock and the floors poured.  The trades are 100% complete with rough-in of the units. All the windows are in and the roof is complete. Both buildings are solar ready.

Percentage of Project Completed: Project progress: Building 1 is at 90%; Building 2 is at 70%.

1501 California Avenue

1501 California: Mayfield California Ave Single Family Detached

1501 California Avenue

This project consists of two condominium buildings, a fitness building 1720 square feet, a community building 2700 square feet, and 68 new homes. Condo Building 1 contains 58 units 116,356 square feet and Condo Building 2 contains 54 new units 122,817 square feet.  The project also includes site utilities and about 4000 linear feet of retaining walls throughout the development.

Currently:  Of the 68 single family dwellings, there are 10 duplex-type residences.  Phase 1, consisting of 8 houses, are complete and should be available to occupy by late July 2017.  Phase 2 consists of 10 houses.  Exterior and interior finishes are nearly complete, with should final in mid-to-late August 2017.  Phase 3 has 9 more houses, and exterior finishes are in progress.  They should be completed in late September 2017.  Phase 4, which includes 6 houses, has started framing on their new foundations.  Completion of Phase 4 is expected January 2018.  Phase 5, 6, and 7 has started rough grading and excavating for foundations.  To date, those remaining 40 lots have yet to begin construction, and activity is expected through 2019..  The retaining walls are partially complete, and are constructed in tandem with development of other lots.  The Community Building is framed out and the roof nearly complete, with completion in late September 2017.  The swimming pool construction has begun and is getting electrical and plumbing components installed with the reinforcing steel.    The Fitness Building framing and roof are complete, with windows installed, and should be ready to occupy in September 2017.. Site utilities are still in progress, also performed ahead of other activities on site.  Streets are about 60% paved.

Percentage of Project Completed: Utilities/roads: 75%; retaining walls: 65%.  Phase 1: 100%, Phase 2: 90%, Phase 3: 80%.  The Fitness Building is 50%, and the Community Building is 55%.  There are 40 lots that have not started any construction.

908 Arastradero Road - VMware CSG Building

This is a new 2-story commercial structure with approximately 100,000 square feet of office space with a gym.

 Currently, working on steel erection.

The project is approximately 15% complete. 

908 Arastradero

2100 El Camino Real

2100 El Camino Real

The project includes a podium structure with 2 levels of underground parking, two 3-story commercial buildings connected by a walkway 52,504 square feet, and a 2 story eight unit multifamily building 5304 square feet.

Currently, Grocery Store TI is now complete the store is now operating under TCO. With some minor punch list items to complete. Also the Bank is also now under TCO. And is now moving in furniture.

The project is approximately 99% complete. 

**Tenant Improvements Underway**

2500 El Camino Real

New four story mixed use building 80,748 square feet that consists of two buildings connected by a walkway. The project contains 70 residential units and has 145 parking spaces.

Currently, the building shell is complete and has been given final occupancy.  One TI has been given TCO, and the restaurant TI is close to obtaining TCO.

The project is approximately 92% complete.

**Tenant Improvements Underway**


2500 El Camino Real

1450 Page Mill

1450 PMR

This project is a new 77,634 square foot, 2-story mixed-use building with 41,260 square foot below ground parking.

Currently: The shell was completed and awaiting a specific tenant to occupy the building. However, that tenant is no longer available and additional work is being completed on the interior under the existing

The shell is complete. Awaiting a tenant to begin Tenant Improvements.

1050 Page Mill

Office park consisting of four, two-story office buildings, with existing buildings being replaced, one of which includes a cafeteria.  One of the original buildings remains in use by employees during construction.   Each of the four buildings are similar in scope and design, occupying between  46,000 and 55,000 square feet each, with underground parking.  Campus tenant is Machine Zone, a developer  of massively multiplayer online gaming.

Currently, the existing Building 1 remains in use, and will be demolished at a later date.  Buildings 2 & 3 are under construction, in close proximity to each other on campus and in schedule.  Both have nearly complete roofs, and exterior glazing is nearly complete.  Much of the framing, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and drywall has been completed in the core areas..  Site infrastructure is in progress.  Exterior coverings are nearly complete.  Tenant improvement construction is in plan review.  Buildings 1 & 4 have not started.  

The project is approximately 15% complete. 

1050 Page Mill Road

3421 Hillview Avenue - VMware HTG Building

3241 Hillview

This is a new 2-story commercial structure with approximately 86,000 square feet of office space with a commercial kitchen.

Currently: Erecting Steel.

The project is approximately 10% complete.

2555 Park Blvd

A new 23,853 square foot, 3-story LEED Silver office building with covered surface parking at grade and one level of machine parking below grade.  The project will park 82 cars on site and provide Caltrain GoPasses for eligible full time employees for the life of the building through a Transportation Demand Management program.

Currently:  the demolition is complete with basement and foundation excavation still underway.

The project is approximately 2% complete. 

2555 Park

425 Page Mill Road

441 PageMill

Construction of a new  3-story mixed use building (71,075 sf) with one level of underground parking. Retail on the first floor, offices on the second floor, and sixteen apartments on the second and third floors.  There are 91 onsite parking spaces: 34 at grade and 57 in the parking garage.

2747 Park Blvd

Construction of a new 3-story office building (33,323 SF) with one level of underground parking (11,839 SF). There are 134 onsite parking spaces: 108 at grade and 26 in the parking garage.

2747 Park Blvd


3181 Porter Drive

3181 Porter Dr

Stanford redevelopment project includes construction of new 2-story commercial building 99,578 sf with basement parking 86,548 sf.  Proposed project has 248 below grade parking and 78 spaces at grade.  The project replaces 3 commercial structures located at 3181, 3221 and 3215 Porter Dr.  The construction permit is in plan check and demo permits issued. 

Project is in plan check with 7 of 8 departments approved.

3225 El Camino Real

Two new commercial buildings (connected by a walkway)above a podium parking garage. "Building A" is a 4-story mixed use building (27,226 sf) with retail on the first floor (7,098 sf), four (4) apartments on the second floor (6,034 sf total), and four (4) two story condos on the 3rd and 4th floors (10,069 sf total). "Building B" is a 2-story commercial building (4,886 sf) with retail on the first floor (2,265 sf) and office on the second floor (2,265 sf), the podium parking garage (24,030 sf) is one level of underground parking. Office and retail spaces are submitted as a cold shell and the residential units are fully built out.

Project is in plan check with 1 of 8 departments approved.

3225 ECR

240 Pasteur

New Stanford biomedical innovation building (BMI) includes new research laboratory building for Stanford university school of medicine. The structure is a 4-story above grade (202,450 sf) and 1 below (35,098 sf).

Project is in plan check with 3 of 9 departments approved.

240 Pasteur