February 2016 Development Services Construction Updates

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The Development Services Department strives to update those interested in private construction in the City of Palo Alto.  The purpose of this email notification is to give the reader construction related updates in the City of Palo Alto.  The following projects are currently in either plan review or under construction.  This update is sent monthly to provide a description of work, share a recent picture of the site or rendering, and provide a current status of the project. Our inspection staff attempts to estimate the completion status.  This estimated status is not to be construed as a completion of the project for any contractional agreements.The majority of these projects replace or improve existing buildings.  Details about the previous structure are included at the bottom of each project description.  Please direct any questions to the Development Services Director Peter.Pirnejad@cityofpaloalto.org

Targeting Total Transparency,


Peter Pirnejad
Director, Development Services Department

636 Waverley

This project is a new 10,299 square foot, 4-story mixed-use building with a 20 space parking garage. The commercial space will be located on the ground floor.  Residential units will be on the upper three floors. Currently, second level deck is being installed.  The project is approximately 35% complete.   This project replaces an existing building of approximately 1316 sf.

636 Waverley

300 Pasteur Drive, Stanford Parking Garage

300 Pasteur

This project is a new 5-level parking garage that includes an auditorium at the roof level.  Two of the five levels of parking are located below grade with 970 parking spaces. Currently, site applications, exterior applications and office tenant improvements are underway.  Completion of the parking garage will be in conjunction with the new hospital. The project is approximately 85% complete. This does not replace existing building sf.

500 University Ave - Garage


This project consists of 56,430 square feet of foundation and below-grade parking for a future 3-story office and retail building with 4,938 square feet of occupied roof deck and 2 split level of below grade parking with 62 parking spaces. Currently, excavation and foundation work is underway.


50 El Camino Real, Ronald McDonald House

This project is a new 3-story with build out and one level of underground parking. It is comprised of 51, 637 square feet of commercial and short stay residential and 19,719 square feet of parking. Project includes 71 parking spaces. Currently, interior finish work continues. The project is approximately 90% complete. This does not replace existing building sf.


50 ECR

240 Hamilton Avenue - Commercial/Residential Building

This project is a new 17,500 square feet, 4-story mixed use building. First 3 floors designated for commercial and residential on the top floor. Currently, the building exterior is mostly complete and interior multi trades continue.The project is approximately 65% complete.


240 Hamilton Ave

405 Curtner Avenue

405 Curtner

A 3-story, six (6) unit townhouse building. All six units have the same square footage. Area per unit is 1237 square feet of habitable space and 460 square feet of garage. There will be 14 parking spaces at this site. Currently, foundations are complete and steel moment framing is in progress. This project is approximately 10% complete.


2500 El Camino Real

New four story mixed use building 80,748 square feet that consists of two buildings connected by a walkway. The project contains 70 residential units and has 145 parking spaces. Currently, structure is framed with exterior sheathing, roofing and rough plumbing underway.  The project is approximately 45% complete.

2500 ECR

2100 El Camino Real College Terrace

2100 ECR

The project includes a podium structure with 2 levels of underground parking, two 3-story commercial buildings connected by a walkway 52,504 square feet, and a 2 story eight unit multifamily building 5304 square feet. Currently, the steel structure and concrete raised slabs are complete. The project is approximately 42% complete.


This project consists of four new buildings totaling 130,800 square feet at the former Bloomingdale’s site at the Stanford Shopping Center. Numerous tenant improvement projects will follow construction of the buildings. The project features 60,000 gallon rainwater harvesting cistern and system. Currently, buildings A, B and C are dried in with some interior walls in place for future TI. Exterior pathways are established, and multiple TI permits have been issued with some nearing completion.  The project is approximately 60% complete.

180 ECR

1651 Page Mill Road

1651 Page Mill

This is a tenant improvement project for Stanford University School of Medicine. It is 72,000 square feet over three floors, plus a basement.  Structural and seismic upgrades are complete.  Currently, interior finish is near completion. The project is approximately 85% complete.

1501 California: Mayfield California Ave

This project consists of two condo buildings, a fitness building 1720 square feet, a community building 2700 square feet, and 68 new homes. Condo Building 1 contains 58 units 116,356 square feet and Condo Building 2 contains 54 new units 122,817 square feet. Currently, first floor framing is underway on Building 1, and podium level work continues on Building 2.The project is approximately 8% complete.

1501 Mayfield


385 Sherman

Mixed use 3-story with approximately 4800 square feet of residential, approximately 50,000 square feet of commercial and approximately 100,000 square feet - 2 levels of below grade parking. Currently, structural framing and pan deck continues, with two levels of basement concrete slab complete.  The project is approximately 30% complete.  


This project is a new 77,634 square foot, 2-story mixed-use building with 41,260 square foot below ground parking.  Currently, steel structure framing and pan deck are in progress. The project is approximately 20% complete.     


1450 Page Mill

2209-2215 El Camino Real

2209 ECR

This project is a new 77,634 square foot, 2-story mixed-use building with 41,260 square foot below ground parking.  Currently, structural framing is complete and exterior sheathing is in progress.   The project is approximately 45% complete.    


908 Arastradero Road - VMware CSG Building

908 Arastradero

This is a new 2-story commercial structure with approximately 100,00 square feet of office space with a gym. The project has gone through two rounds of review and six of eight departments have approved the project.

3421 Hillview Avenue - VMware HTG Building

This is a new 2-story commercial structure with approximately 86,000 square feet of office space with a commercial kitchen. The project has gone through two rounds of review and five of eight departments have approved the project.

3421 Hillview


2555 Park Blvd

A new 23,853 square foot, 3-story LEED Silver office building with covered surface parking at grade and one level of machine parking below grade.  The project will park 82 cars on site and provide Caltrain GoPasses for eligible full time employees for the life of the building through a TDM program. Currently, 7 of 8 departments are approved.

777 Welch Rd

New 3 story warm shell 11,550 square feet for future medical dental office with 80 parking spaces. Project is in plan check, with 9 of 9 departmens approved. Permit is ready to issue.

777 Welch

3170 Porter

3170 Porter

New 2-story core and shell commercial building 98,000 square feet with below grade parking 75,000 square feet. The project is in plan review and 4 of 9 departments have approved


A new 113,118 square foot, 3-story Mercedes Benz dealership with parking on the third floor and roof. The project has gone through one review and 2 of 9 departments have approved the project.

1700 Embarcaderp