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In this issue:

The Arrival of Health Care Reform in Alameda County


Senior Fraud Workshop at San Antonio Senior Center in Oakland


"Equipped 4 Success" Back Pack and School Supply Drive in Alameda


Affordable Care Act Community Symposium at the San Leandro Senior Center


Summer Internships for San Lorenzo Youth


Welcome our Newest District 3 County Commisioner!


Immigration Reform Resolution


Eden Area Livability Iniative


$20,000 to Acts Community Development Organization


Art for the San Lorenzo Library Expansion


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Housing Information and Critical Health & Human Services


Dear Friends,

It is my pleasure to update you on the work I have been doing to make Alameda County an even better place to call home.

In this edition you can read about my work as chair of the Board of Supervisors Health Care Committee to prepare Alameda County for the arrival of the Health Care Reform, the Senior Fraud Workshop I held in Oakland's Fruitvale district to help inform seniors about ways they can protect themselves from fraud scams, and my $6,000 contribution to the Alameda Education Foundation's "Equipped 4 Success" back pack and school supply drive.

You can also learn about my partnership with the San Lorenzo Unified School District to place students in summer internships, the resolution I presented in support of immigration reform and much more.

It is an honor to serve you.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any comments, questions or concerns that you may have regarding the district or Alameda County.



Wilma Chan
Supervisor, Third District 


The Arrival of Health Care in Alameda County


As Chair of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors Health Committee, I launched a series of health care reform hearings in November of 2011 to prepare for the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. These hearings provided information that has helped Alameda County better prepare for the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Because of our early preparation, Alameda County has pre-enrolled over 40,000 new residents who will be automatically transitioned to health plans on January 1, 2014. Other individuals without health insurance can now apply for health insurance through “Covered California,” California’s Health Insurance Exchange.  I hosted a press conference on October 1, the day the Affordable Care Act became a reality in California, and gathered two dozen community college students to talk about the opportunities for coverage and to provide direct assistance to them in signing up for health insurance through Covered California.

There are different health plans available to Alameda County residents based on income, coverage type and provider preference. Plan providers include Kaiser, Blue Shield, Blue Cross and the Alameda Alliance for Health. Many individuals will qualify for tax credits to reduce the overall cost of insurance. Call 1-800-300-1506 or visit the website today to find out what plan you are eligible for, what it will cost, and how you can enroll. The open enrollment deadline is March 31, 2014 and will re-open October 2014. 

Senior Fraud Workshop at San Antonio Senior Center in Oakland


Elder abuse continues to be a widespread concern at both the local and national levels. People from all ethnic backgrounds and income levels can become victims of elder abuse. Earlier this year, I launched an educational workshop series to help older adults learn about how to identify and protect themselves from financial fraud and scams. In partnership with the San Antonio Senior Center, I hosted the first workshop in Spanish tailored for the predominantly Spanish speaking Latino community in Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood.  Over 90 area residents attended the presentation where they learned about common deceptive practices targeted at older adults. Our speakers included representatives from Alameda County’s District Attorney’s Office, Legal Assistance for Seniors and Alameda County’s Adult Protective Services Unit. Click here to see photos from the event on my Facebook page.

 I would like to thank Nalleli Albarran, the Director at the San Antonio Senior Center, and her staff for their support of this important event and Alberto Moran for his excellent interpretation services. I would also like to thank Asian Health Services for their in-kind contribution of rental interpreting equipment that allowed us to provide translation services. As our aging population continues to be targeted for financial fraud and scam, we must increase our efforts to insure that all older Americans age with dignity and honor. 

"Equipped for Success" Back Pack and School Supply Drive in Alameda


Every child regardless of their family’s income should have access to the tools and resources needed to succeed in school. However, many families and schools struggle to support children with the basic supplies to promote academic success. That is why I contributed $6,000 to the Alameda Education Foundation’s “Equipped 4 Success” community-wide school supply drive to close the fundraising gap and meet the goal of providing 1,000 low-income Alameda students with a back pack and other essential school supplies.

 The Alameda Education Foundation, which partners with key Alameda organizations including Alameda Unified School District, Alameda Point Collaborative, Alameda Boys and Girls Club, Head Start, Girls Inc. of the Island City, and the Alameda Collaborative for Children, Youth, and Families, has led the effort since early summer to collect both in-kind and financial donations to outfit 1,000 low-income students from kindergarten through 12th grade with school supplies. My contribution closed the final funding gap needed to serve the remaining 200 students with over thirty different basic school supplies for the upcoming academic year including backpacks, paper, pencils, pens, notebooks and binders.

 In 2012, 35% of Alameda Unified School District students were enrolled in the Free and Reduced Price Meals program. An estimated 300 students were identified as homeless. I am proud to support the “Equipped 4 Success” school supply drive and applaud the collaboration across Alameda’s partner organizations to strengthen the educational foundation and future of our youth. 


Affordable Care Act Community Symposium at the San Leandro Senior Center


On July 31, I joined the Eden Township Healthcare District at a community symposium in San Leandro to discuss the Affordable Care Act and Covered California, the new health care option available to residents for coverage starting this January. Residents can now begin to sign up for health insurance through Covered California until the enrollment period ends on March 31, 2014. After the March 31 deadline, the next chance to enroll will be October 2014.

I was joined by speaker Bonnie Preston from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. She spoke about how to sign up for health coverage options, including Covered California, the new health insurance marketplace for those currently without insurance.

At the event, I spoke about Alameda County’s work to expand health insurance and how the Affordable Care Act will extend health insurance to millions of Californians including many of the estimated 200,000 uninsured residents living in Alameda County. I also highlighted that the Affordable Care Act prevents health insurance companies from dropping someone who becomes sick or denying coverage to those with pre-existing conditions. Additionally, this law protects consumers against unjustified rate hikes, and allows young adults to stay on their parents’ health plans until they are 26 years-old.

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act in California and Alameda County represents an important step forward for our local residents who have struggled to access comprehensive health insurance. I would like to thank the Eden Township Healthcare District for putting together this informational event.

Summer Internships for San  Lorenzo Youth


This summer, I partnered with San Lorenzo Unified School District (SLZUSD) to help identify and place several students into summer internships as part of an effort to help prepare students for the career of their choice. I worked with SLZUSD’s internship program coordinator to help identify and outreach to dozens of potential employers. I connected interested employers in the areas of health and medicine, the performing arts and media production with the school district, who then placed students in internships. These internships connected students’ classroom –learning with work experience that helped develop their professional skills and understanding of the workplace environment.

Prior to starting their internships, each student completed an intensive program to prepare them for the workplace. Topics covered included written and oral communications, time management, planning and prioritizing, negotiating challenges, resolving conflicts and more. Students also received ongoing support from the SLZUSD’s internship coordinator to ensure that both the student and the employer were benefitting from the internship placement. As a result, San Lorenzo students gained not only academic credit for completing their internship but also developed workplace skills in their chosen field, and added real-world accomplishments to their resumes. 

Welcome our Newest District 3 County Commissioner!


Dionisio Rosario, known by his friends and colleagues as “Dee,” is the newest member of Alameda County’s Park, Recreation and Historical Commission. Dee has over 37 years of experience with the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD). He began his career with the East Bay Regional Park District as a Park Ranger and Firefighter and was promoted to his current position as Park Supervisor. While at EBRPD, Dee has spearheaded important initiatives that include developing a strong volunteer program to remove invasive non-native plants and restore areas with native vegetation as well as spearheading a Resource Protection Area along the East Fork of Redwood Creek including designation of dog-on-leash trails adjacent to the creek, stream bridle trails.

 Dee is dedicated to fostering quality service, environmental education and cooperative relationships with a culturally diverse workforce and general public. He has spent his career ensuring that the park is a safe, positive experience for the public, while also preserving and enhancing the area’s natural resources. I am happy to welcome Dee to the County’s Park, Recreation and Historical Commission and look forward to him sharing his expertise to make Alameda County and District 3 and even better place to live and work in.  

Immigration Reform Resolution 


Alameda County is currently home to nearly 500,000 residents who were born outside of the United States. An estimated 124,000 of these immigrants are undocumented. While Alameda County provides services to all, regardless of immigration status, the non-recognition of tens of thousands of immigrant residents has prevented long term solutions to strengthening the local economy, workforce, health and public safety that affect all residents.  

 On July 30, I presented a resolution in support of immigration reform along with Supervisor Richard Valle to SEIU-ULTCW (United Long Term Care Workers). The resolution recognizes the many contributions immigrants have made at both the local and national levels. It is also a statement of principles and values that we in Alameda County hope Congress will incorporate into future federal legislation. The passage of a comprehensive immigration plan by Congress will serve as one of the most important national reform efforts in recent history and will strengthen the well-being of individuals and communities in Alameda County. 

Eden Area Livability Iniative


Earlier this year, I began collaborating with Supervisor Nate Miley on the Eden Area Livability Initiative (EALI), which aims to create, strengthen, and sustain a livable community in the western unincorporated areas of Alameda County.

Several community members have come together to discuss important issue areas such as public health, economic development, the environment and agriculture, local governance and education. A Blue Ribbon Steering committee was also established to discuss these areas, review the principles of EALI and establish policies for the EALI process.

After months of meetings, the community has developed priority goals that were presented at the Blue Ribbon Steering Committee on Wednesday, September 18. Goals from the EALI visioning groups will be voted on at the “Community Charrette” meeting on November 16.  The top five projects will then move towards implementation.  I encourage you to attend and cast your vote to make your community a better place to live, work and visit. Click here for more information on about upcoming EALI meetings and the process. 

$20,000 to Acts Community Development Organization


This summer, I donated $20,000 to help hire a part-time chaplain at Camp Sweeney to provide much needed services for youth. Camp Sweeney is a 50-bed minimum security residential program for adolescent males ranging in age from 15 through 19 years old. While at the camp, each youth receives an individualized treatment plan to address specific behavioral and educational needs that will better prepare them for their return home.

The $20,000 grant will provide the funds needed to secure a part-time chaplain from the Acts Full Gospel Church Community Development Program who will be on- call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The chaplain will provide one-on-one counseling and faith-based services. Additionally, the chaplain will also offer direct ministry to youth, their families, and camp staff. Referrals to community based services will also be provided to better ensure youth can successfully re-enter the community.  As a county leader, I believe it is critical that all youth receive the necessary support and guidance to develop a positive pathway for their futures.   

Art for the San Lorenzo Library Expansion


The Alameda County Arts Commission conducted a community roundtable last month at the San Lorenzo Library to discuss artwork for the library expansion project. The event provided an opportunity for the artists to learn about the library and community before they make their artwork proposals. It was also an opportunity for the community to share their thoughts, ideas and preferences with the artists.

The six artists will now have several months to complete their artwork proposals. The proposals will be placed on display in the community and online, where residents will be able to provide additional feedback. This information along with input from the Artist Selection Committee will be used to recommend which artist will receive the contract to create the library’s artwork. The members of the County Arts Commission and its Public Art Advisory group will then vote in early December on the recommendation before forwarding it to the Board of Supervisors for approval in late 2013 or early 2014.

                              In the News...

Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan hosts student sign-up event at Merritt College to promote the Covered California Health Insurance Exchange

Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan gives foundation $6,000 check for backpacks

Urban, Rural Local Elected Officials Urge California Lawmakers to Support AB-900

San Leandro meetings to focus on Affordable Care Act

Supervisor Chan Pledges $6,000 to Reach Alameda’s School Supply Drive Goal

Talk About It: The Impact of Domestic Violence in a Community (video)


                         Upcoming Events

Vote at Eden Area Livability Initiative Meeting      
If you live in the Unincorporated Eden Area of Alameda County, you are encouraged to attend a community event on Saturday, November 16 to vote on key issues and projects that the community has developed through the Eden Area Livability Initiative. The top initiatives will be prioritized by the County. The “Community Charette” meeting is from 9:00am to 2:00pm at the Eden Church located at 21455 Birch Street in Hayward.

Harvest Festival- Holiday gifts, Arts & Crafts (October 27)
Temple Israel will be hosting a Harvest Festival where over 30 vendors will be offering a variety of items, including, art, jewelry, skin care, handmade crafts, ceramics and more. This will be a perfect opportunity for you to kick off your holiday shopping. The Festival happens on Sunday, October 27 at Temple Israel located at 2183 Mecartney Road in Alameda. 

                       Community Resources 

Alameda County Resource Guide                                               
For information and referrals on Alameda County programs, check out our resource guide.

Starting a Local Business
Do you want to open a business in Alameda County and don’t know where to begin? Alameda County has two great guides that will help you get started.

Affordable Housing Opportunity
If you are looking for affordable housing in Alameda, click here for information about the recent opening at Jack Capon Village in Alameda. You can also download the application here.

Boards and Commissions
Are you interested in serving Alameda County and District 3? There are currently several openings to become a District 3 representative. Learn more at Applications including a cover letter and resume can be submitted to

Fall Activities at HARD
Looking for after-school programs to enroll your kids this fall? Check out Hayward Area Recreation and Park District’s Fall Activity Guide here.