The Brief - November 2014

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The Brief

Vol. 10, No. 11                                                                                              November 2014

eFiling Proposed Forms of Order

Proposed forms of order are occasionally efiled as a main document, rather than as a supporting document to a motion, stipulation, or notice. Any exhibits or supporting documents attached to proposed orders are removed from the order when signed and filed. This process was built-in to the eFiling system to match the paper process. For supporting documents to be filed-in to the electronic case file, they must accompany a main document that is filed-in at the time of receipt, such as a motion, stipulation, or notice.

For example, a Notice of Settlement (main document) filed with exhibits (supporting documents) and a proposed order (supporting document) would result in the Notice being file-stamped and the exhibits being filed-in to the electronic case file. The proposed order would be routed directly to the judicial officer and filed-in later if it is signed by the judicial officer.

If a proposed order that is not attached to a main document is efiled and has exhibits attached, only the resulting order will be filed-in to the electronic case file, and only after it is signed by the judicial officer. Any exhibits attached to the original proposed order will not be inserted into the electronic case file once the order is signed.

Motions to Seal

Although millions of documents are filed with the Clerk’s office each year, less than one-half percent are ordered sealed by the court. If you need to argue that a case or document should be maintained under seal, the Motion and relevant documents should be delivered on paper directly to the assigned judicial officer’s division. If documents are delivered to the Clerk’s office prior to being officially sealed, they may end up in the electronic court record and viewed by the public. To prevent this situation, the judicial officer’s division needs to deliver the Order to seal and the original documents being sealed to the Clerk’s office at the same time for filing.

After the court orders an entire case sealed, the parties must file all documents directly with the Clerk’s office and on paper only. All documents in some case types must be filed on paper due to their confidential nature, such as mental health cases.

Mandatory E-Filing in Tax Reminder

Effective Nov. 3, 2014, attorneys who file in regular tax cases (TX case designation) must electronically file through AZTurboCourt. The Clerk’s eFiling Online system will no longer accept these filings after that date. Cases are still initiated on paper and subsequent documents must be e-filed through AZTurboCourt. Small tax cases (ST case designation) remain an entirely paper-based process.

National Adoption Day

Maricopa County will participate in the 15th Annual National Adoption Day event on Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014 at the Durango Juvenile Court Center in Phoenix. The public is welcome to attend this free event. For more information about this year’s adoption event, visit the Maricopa County National Adoption Day Foundation at