The Brief - July 2014

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The Brief

Vol. 10, No. 7                                                                                                  July 2014

Electronic Appeals Expand to Juvenile Cases

Effective July 1, 2014, Juvenile case appeals will be processed through the Clerk's Appeals unit located at the Customer Service Center in downtown Phoenix. With this change, all adult and juvenile appeals will be processed electronically to the Court of Appeals, Division One. Parties are still required to file the Notice of Appeal in juvenile cases at either the Durango Street location in Phoenix or the Southeast Juvenile location in Mesa.

The effects of this change are:

  • Document(s) associated with the record on appeal will no longer be provided on paper
  • On request, CD-ROMs will be provided that include the index and accompanying documents. Minimum system requirements to view documents are a web browser that supports .html and Adobe Acrobat
  • A formal Designation of Record will be required for the Clerk’s Office to obtain and transmit the juvenile red/social file or other documents not maintained as part of the official record to the appellate court. (See Juvenile Court Rules of Procedure, Rule 104(E) and (F))

Juvenile appeals filed before the July 1, 2014 implementation date will be processed on paper.


Electronic Processing of Minute Entries and Orders

The way minute entries are posted online for the public and distributed to attorneys and parties over the weekends and holidays will soon change, but most parties and practitioners will not notice a difference. Technology allows the Clerk’s Office to improve the timing and accuracy of the court record by syncing its automated processes with the court’s business days.

Minute entries and orders filed electronically by the court during the business day are processed in nightly batches. These batches of approved documents receive an electronic file stamp overnight as the automated process runs. The electronic file stamp shows the next business day’s date and a time of 8:00 a.m. The nightly batch process appears seamless from Monday through Thursday in weeks that don’t have a holiday.

Documents placed in queue for automated processing on Fridays and the day before a holiday have been electronically file stamped with the next business day’s date for many years. However, those documents used to post to the Clerk’s public website and were distributed electronically as soon as the automated batch process completed overnight. Updates to the automated system’s programming will post the documents online and distribute them electronically on the business day reflected on the electronic file stamp. Parties who receive paper copies of minute entries and orders will continue having their documents distributed during business hours on business days.

This change reduces confusion caused by the automated release of copies of records during weekends and holidays and improves the accuracy of the record while maintaining the efficiency of overnight processing. Attorneys and parties with internet access can also view documents filed-in to their cases by registering on the Clerk’s ECR Online website at