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[ August 6, 2015 ]


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Maricopa County Environmental Services provides essential, regional environmental services seeking to prevent and remove environmental health risks. The Department’s Environmental Health Specialists and Field Technicians are in the community every day making sure that among other things, food in all the eating and drinking establishments in the County is protected from contamination, that water supplies throughout the County are safe to drink, and that vector borne health illnesses and risks are minimized. It is our belief that with continued support, future generations will reap the benefits of today’s actions.


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Cutting Edge Food Safety Parternship program launches new look and exciting marketing materials

By Andy Linton, Division Manager of the ESD Environmental Health Division

We are excited to announce that we are rolling out new marketing materials for our Cutting Edge Program.  Staff has been distributing “A+ Cutting Edge” promotional materials, which include an annual recognition award, promotional poster, and decals.  You can see the new Cutting Edge program logo in the Link included further below.  The goal of these marketing materials is to increase public awareness of the Cutting Edge Program and its benefits.  As a partner in the Cutting Edge, we count on you to advertise your food safety efforts by posting these materials in your establishments.  We would like the public to understand and recognize that Cutting Edge participants are taking food safety to the next level!   

Cutting Edge marketing materials (A)

Other exciting news is that we will also be launching a mobile friendly restaurant ratings tool that features Cutting Edge participants and will help customers identify and locate your business easier.

Following the posting of the new “A+ Cutting Edge” marketing materials in your establishment, these items and the mobile friendly restaurant ratings tool that features the Cutting Edge will be presented to the media and the public through our different outreach efforts and social media tools.

To access the NEW Cutting Edge marketing materials Click on the Links below:

View the new Cutting Edge TV Public Service announcements by Clicking Links below:

* Cutting Edge for Your Business

Cutting Edge - Business Spot

Cutting Edge - Customers - You Too Should Check It Out! (ENG.)

Cutting Edge - Customers - You Too Should Check It Out! (SPA.)

Cutting Edge - Customers

The Cutting Edge Food Safety Partnership Program Honored with another National Award

By Johnny Diloné, Public Information Officer

Maricopa County Environmental Services Department (MCESD) was honored with the Model Practice Award at the 2015 Annual Conference of the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO). The award celebrates local health-related departments for developing programs that demonstrate exemplary and replicable best practices in response to a critical local public health need. The Cutting Edge Food Partnership Program was one of 19 local health-related department programs to receive NACCHO’s prestigious Model Practice Award.

The Cutting Edge Food Partnership Program helps food-related operators with gaining more “Active Management Control” in their establishments and creates a preventive rather than reactive approach to food safety, allowing inspectors to focus on the establishments that might pose greater health risks..

NACCHO Award 2015 (A)

“We are proud to receive NACCHO’s Model Practice Award.  The award is evidence of our commitment to developing responsive and innovative public health programs that assist in ensuring the health of local residents,” said Steven Goode, MCESD Director.

"This national recognition underscores that the Cutting Edge is positively impacting the health and safety of our community, and has shaped the future of our food inspection program," added Andy Linton, MCESD Environmental Health Division Manager.

NACO Award

The Environmental Services Department's The Cutting Edge Food Safety Partnership program was also the recipient of a 2014 Achievement Award granted by the National Association of Counties (NACo) in the category of Health.

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New Permit for Micro Markets

Micro Market (1)

By Bryan Hare, Managing Supervisor of E.H. Central Regiopnal Office 

The micro market permit type and fees were just approved by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors on July 22, 2015 and they are as follows:

·         Micro Market Reference Plan $270 (One-time fee assuming all additional locations are similar in general layout (i.e. equipment, size, and menu)

·         Micro Market Operating Permit $155/location (Annual fee)

·         Micro Market Permit Processing Fee $20/location (One-time fee)

For information on applying for a micro market permit click on the links below:  

·         Micro Market Application Guide

·         Micro Market Permit Application

 If you have not seen a micro market or know what it is, chances are you will very soon as the concept has been gaining popularity over the last couple of years. A micro market is defined by Maricopa County Environmental Services Department as “an unattended retail food establishment where commercially prepackaged, time/temperature control for safety foods or ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables are offered for sale.”

Micro Market (3)

These unattended retail food establishments usually operate in closed locations, meaning a business that has a secure facility for a known group of employees or guest, such as office break rooms, manufacturing plants, warehouses, etc.  A micro markets allows for self-checkout, hence they are unattended locations with no employee(s) present. The customer pays with a single payment, be it cash, credit card or stored value card. Micro markets are under 24 hour video surveillance, for security purposes, and the equipment has automatic shutoffs should the temperature of the units go above 41°F.

In a typical micro market you may find fresh crisp salads and fruit, deli sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches, subs, soups, microwavable meal options, beverages, snacks, ice cream, and candies. The variety of foods along with the convenience for employees and guest at the workplace make this a great option.

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Change of Ownership

Change of Ownership

By Vas Hofer, Managing Supervisor of E.H. Permitting Services

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors approved changes to the Environmental Health Code to allow new owners of existing food establishments to remain in business for up to 30 days while their permit application review is in progress.  This regulatory change was originally suggested by the Ad Hoc Task Force Committee on June 9, 2014 and put forth as a change that would better serve industry.  The change goes into effect immediately and does not require any fee changes.

Things to Know:

1.      The prior owner must hold a valid permit at the time of the ownership change.

2.      The new owner must submit a 30 Day Transition Application to the Department prior to the change of ownership.

3.      The New Owner must first receive written approval from the Department prior to operating. 

4.      If applying for multiple permits, separate applications are required for each permit.

5.      The new owner must not conduct any operation that requires a variance without prior approval.

6.      The new owner must be in good standing with the Department (i.e. no outstanding legal actions or unpaid balances).

7.      The new owner must agree to immediately cease operations if any of the following occur:

a.       An imminent health hazard such as fire, flood, electrical or water outage, sewage backup, misuse of poisonous or toxic materials, onset of an apparent foodborne illness outbreak, gross insanitary occurrence or condition, or other circumstance that may endanger public health.

b.      Evidence of live insect and/or vermin activity.

c.       Missing or inoperable plumbing fixtures essential to facility operations, such as hand sinks and warewashing equipment.

d.      Inadequate supply of hot and cold water.

e.       Insufficient, inadequate, or unapproved food temperature control equipment.

8.      The new owner shall abide by the responsibilities of a permit holder as referenced in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration 2013 Food Code § 8-304.11.


Please contact the ESD Plan Review Program with any questions at (602) 506-6980.

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Who You Gonna Call?

Point of contact

By Andy Linton, Division Manager of the ESD Environmental Health Division

Do you ever have questions about food safety requirements, your inspection reports, or how to provide feedback on the job we’re doing?  The Department has created several avenues for you to do this.  First, check out your inspection report.  The name, phone number, and e-mail address of your inspector and their supervisor are printed at the end of each report.  Because the inspector and supervisor are already familiar with your business, this may be the best way to get answers and information specific to your operation. 

The Department has also established single points of contact for food service industry classes – full service restaurants, quick service restaurants, grocery/convenience stores, and mobile food/special events/vending.  These contacts are subject matter experts and are able to field question, concerns, and coordinate information across multiple offices.  You may find these contacts particularly helpful with ensuring information is disseminated and applied consistently to multiple locations throughout the county. 

The Department representative assigned to each of the industry segments are as follows:

Industry Contact Person

Full Service Restaurants

Jaime Viñarás

(480) 483-4703, #201



Quick Service Restaurants

Bryan Hare

(602) 506-6976



Grocery/Convenience Stores

Shikha Gupta

(623) 939-5788, #201



Mobile Food/Special Events/Vending

Vas Hofer

(602) 506-6986


Finally, you can report environmental concerns, take a customer survey, and browse through a wealth of helpful resources by visiting esd.maricopa.gov. 

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