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JULY 2014

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Spotlight on

Preventive Screening for Adults

Older man getting an annual check-up

During the past few months, you could turn on your TV, radio or computer and see and hear messages about the importance of making an appointment for a health physical. It’s at those physicals that health care providers complete or recommend many types of important health screenings – blood pressure and blood sugar checks, mammograms and colonoscopies, even assessments of your risk for falling and getting hurt. These messages created by the Section of Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (CDPHP) will soon make it to private and public health clinics when a new set of print materials are distributed statewide.

These efforts support the section’s strategic objective to increase the percentage of adults who report having obtained selected screenings. These screening services are a critical component in the clinical preventive services that have been shown to reduce the burden of illness, death and disability. In 2012, the Alaska Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Collaborative’s Preventive Screening Task Force[1] selected the 10 tests that are now the focus of this objective. Because these tests identify people who at are high risk and/or need treatment for tobacco use, obesity, heart disease or stroke, diabetes, cancer and falls, work toward this objective has engaged staff associated with many CDPHP programs, especially heart disease/stroke, comprehensive cancer control and diabetes.

The CDPHP screening workgroup[2] received training in social marketing and designed a campaign focused on adults 45 years of age or older with an emphasis on state employees. The focus of the screening message became encouraging people to get an annual physical, when health care providers have the time to discuss which screenings are needed. Outreach to health care providers is also planned to encourage them to follow through with their patients.

Understanding the target population’s motives and attitudes and identifying its barriers to the desired behavior is what sets social marketing apart from other health education strategies. The screening workgroup added questions to the Alaska Survey (telephone) and conducted focus groups to investigate these issues. A gap analysis was done to learn about provider perceptions regarding facilitators and barriers to preventive screenings.  Later, the workgroup tested specific messages during individual interviews.

Based on these results, the CDPHP screening workgroup adopted ‘Get Screened: Take Charge of Your Health. Take Charge of Your Life.’ as the key message, and produced one TV spot and two radio spots last winter. The broadcasts started in February 2014 and ended June 30. The workgroup added questions to the June Alaska Survey to assess the impact of these broadcast media messages (results pending).

These are the print materials developed for this campaign:

1. a bi-fold that contains a verbal description of the recommended tests and, on the inside, a table with information for interpreting the results of the tests;






Alaska Screening Bi-fold Brochure

2. a rack-card that has a table with the recommended tests by age, sex, and interval for the recommendations;



Alaska Screening Rack Card - What Screening and When

3. an 11 x 17 poster with the test recommendations;





Alaska Screening Poster

4. five, two-sided sheets describing coverage for the recommended tests by the health plans that cover most state employees, Medicare, and plans provided under the Affordable Care Act preventive services. There also is a provider resource chart that brings together links about the tests, links to assessment and community referral resources, and links to patient education materials.

Alaska Screening Provider One-sheets for Insurance Coverage

The distribution plan will include sending these materials to private primary care providers, community health centers, public health centers, tribal clinics and health fairs along with ideas about how they might be shared with patients. They are also on the State of Alaska Screening - Safe and Healthy Me website. To request copies, please contact or call 907-269-2020.

Although these activities have happened too recently to have a measurable impact, this work is aligned with other initiatives that are making a difference. The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) collects information related to six of the screening tests on the CDPHP recommended list. Based on the 2012 BRFSS, the percentage of Alaskans who reported obtaining colorectal cancer screening (one of the six tests) has already increased by 5%. There has been movement toward our targets for the percentage of Alaskans (of appropriate age and sex) screened for cervical cancer (Pap smear), tobacco use, breast cancer (mammography) and cholesterol.  We lost ground on blood sugar screening.  The BRFSS did not ask about the remaining tests (blood pressure, obesity, falls, and aspirin assessment).

A number of initiatives work to increase the percentage of adults who get specific tests on CDPHP’s recommended list. These include the Alaska Colorectal Cancer Partnership; the Alaska Breast and Cervical Health Partnership (find us on Facebook); Mission 100, which is sponsored by the Tobacco Prevention and Control Program; the Diabetes Prevention Committee, facilitated by the Diabetes Prevention and Control Program (contact Gail Stolz, or 269-8034 for more information); and the Falls Prevention Project, sponsored by the Injury Prevention Program. In addition, tribal diabetes programs and federally qualified health centers are required to select and implement quality improvement initiatives every year; these may focus on a CDPHP recommended screening, or another target.

The next step for the CDPHP screening workgroup is to continue to use the social marketing approach to facilitate interactions with private primary care providers. We are particularly interested in identifying effective one- and two-way communication channels. We hope this next phase will provide a foundation for developing partnerships within this critical component in the Alaska health care system.


  1. The CDPHP Preventive Screening Task Force is a committee of the Collaborative. Partner members include: Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center (Dr. Heidi Baines); Providence Family Practice (Dr. Jacqueline Serrano); ANTHC (Dr. Paul Davis); BCHC Medical Advisor (Dr. Jan Whitefield); Mountain Pacific Quality Improvement Organization (Ann Lovejoy); Alaska Primary Care Association (Marie Jackman); Breast and Cervical Health Check (Cheley Grigsby).
  2. Includes Janice Gray with Heart Disease/Stroke, Julia Thorsness with Comprehensive Cancer Control, and Gail Stolz, with Worksite Health Promotion, with technical assistance and direction from Ann Potempa.


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